Experience Costs

Below are the experience costs of various attributes for Mage characters.

New Dots x 5: for example strength 3 to strength 4 costs 4 × 5 = 20 xp while buying a new skill costs only 3 (1 × 3) and buying Gnosis from 8 to 9 costs 72xp.

Trait Experience Point Cost
Attribute New Dots x 5
Skill New Dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3 experience points
Ruling Arcana% New Dots x 6
Common Arcana% New Dots x 7
Inferior Arcanum% New Dots x 8
Rote% 2 points per dot
Merit New Dots x 2
Gnosis% New Dots x 8
Wisdom New Dots x 3
Willpower%% 8 experience points

%Can use Arcane Experience to purchase
%%Can only be spent to restore dots lost through sacrifice.

Experience Costs

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