Awarding Experience

Experience is awarded at the end of each session or chapter according to the following guidelines; each one is worth 1 XP unless extraordinary circumstances merit extra XP.

  • Automatic – Everyone gets 1 XP for showing up and playing.
  • Learning Curve – Explaining what a character (not player) has learned during the session
  • Roleplaying – Doing a good job of portraying the character accurately, entertaininly, or both. This also includes adhering to the difference between player knowledge and character knowledge and role playing things like “being charmed” and other mind-alterning effects.
  • Heroism – Putting oneself in danger to save others, surviving great difficulties, and persevering in the face of hoplessness; doesn’t count acting in stupid or suicidal ways.
  • Teamwork – As a charcter, it involves working well as a team to support each other to achieve great things. As a player it also involves balancing your character’s motivations with the needs of the group and the story.

In addition, Mages gain Arcane Experience whenever the learn a secret about the supernatural world. Arcane experience can only be spent on Gnosis, Arcanum, and Rotes

Lastly, at the end of each story bonus experience might be awarding depending on the performance of each character or the group. Examples might be:

  • Success – The characters achiever part of all of their goals
  • Danger – The characters survived against harsh odds and grave danger
  • Wisdom – The player or character came up with a pivotal plan that enabled the group to succeed or survive when they might have otherwise failed.

Awarding Experience

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