Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Character Creation
Mortals Awaken

Players have created their moral/mundane characters and have just added the “mage” template. Still need to finish “magical” merits as well as discuss how the cabal formed and how it’s structured. Also need to add Mike’s character.

Next session will finish character creation and start the game. I intend to explain things as they progress, which is the point of an “introductory story”.

Please create a character page on this wiki by using the “character” tab. Focus on your character concept, history, details, how they awakened, etc. At this stage the only “stats” that I need to know are character concept, first and last name, virtue and vice, path, and order. I’ll think later about what other info about your character I need. Doing this before the next session (in 2 weeks) will net you experience (to be discussed next session).

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 1: Gazing into You
The cabal is tested

7pm Monday April 8th, 2013. All members of the Cabal are at the Sanctum of the Unknown Cabal. Most are watching TV and some are in the kitchen cooking. Jason Miller is upstairs conducting daily maintenance of his weapons and Samantha Tremaine is training in the basement.

The cabal is taken by surprise when they sense a strange force approaching them. Most have time to cast either Mage Sight or Mage Armour before the entities try to possess 5 of them. When they are unsuccessful, they manifest and try to wrestle with the mages. The spirits take on the forms of the mages they’re attacking. Jason comes downstairs and shoots the manifestation attacking Dr David Smith while Samantha comes up from the basement to deliver a flying knee to the one attacking Arthur Fox.

The spirits discorporate and after a short discussion, the cabal decides “a good offense is the best defense” and go looking for the origin of the spirits. They track their origin to a house south-west of their sanctum to a mage named Adam. Adam practices Goetia and attempted to summon a personification of the Seven Deadly Sins so he could best it. Unfortunately, he failed and the spirit tried to possess his aid Allan. Not finding what they needed they tore his body apart, split into 7 spirits, beat Adam, and fled the house.

After calming Adam down and administering aid they track down the spirit of Sloth to a nearby Hallow at Faxon Park. Using a variety of magical effects to protect themselves from the the degenerative effects of the corrupted Hallow, “Nathan” enables the group to interact with the spirit in twilight and the group manages to overpower it. David then uses his spirit magic to bind the weakened spirit in a Tupperware container. His spell won’t last long however but long enough to go back to Adam for advice. David also takes the opportunity to steal 3 bases on the baseball field which contain Tass.

Unfortunately, upon their return to Adam’s house the cabal finds it to be on fire.

Experience Rewards – includes bonus xp from adding characters to the wiki.

Arthur Fox – 5
Benjamin Dole – 5
Dr David Smith – 5
Jason Miller – 5
Miguel Rodriguez – 5
Samantha Tremaine – 5
Nick Bilisconi – 4
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0

Arcane XP (10)
Spirits can possess people who display compatible resonance
Spirits can manifest themselves
Adam, another mage lives nearby and is the cause of the vice spirits
Spirits can hurt and kill people
Magic doesn’t always work as intended (Adam’s spell summons more than he can handle)
Spirits can influence emotions of people
Spirits think and act according to their nature, can be simple yet focused behaviour
Spirits can be physically affected in twilight with the right spell
Hallows that aren’t tapped generate Tass, normally inside important or “permanent” objects
There’s a Hallow at Faxon park in Quincy with a slothful resonance

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 2: Driving Angry
The cabal pays a price for success

11pm Monday April 8th, 2013. The cabal arrives at Adam‘s sanctum to find that it’s on fire and Adam’s still inside. A crowd of neighbors gathers on the sidewalk and sirens are heard in the distance. Storm Rider busts down the door and uses magic to divert the heat and flames away from himself long enough to enter the house and rescue the injured mage. Paramedics arrive to take Adam away to the hospital while fire fighters work to contain the fire. Police also arrive to form a perimeter and keep out the crowd. Oracle looks back in time and sees that Arthur Fox started the fire. However, after other mages investigate the area they conclude that it was actually the Envy spirit posing as Arthur who started the fire and not the real Arthur. The cabal then coax the Sloth spirit into a Joint of Weed for the long term and go to see Adam at Quincy Medical Centre.

At the hospital, the cabal gains access to visit Adam thanks to his mind magic on the admissions nurse. Adam theorizes that the Spirits are hiding from the cabal as they used to be one entity and are somehow still connected; so they know the cabal defeated Sloth and are afraid. Other than Sloth and Wrath, the rest are probably hiding in the spirit realm and will come looking for the cabal at some point. However, after hearing what Envy did to his home, Adam warns that Wrath will or may have already possessed a mage and might be causing great harm to others. Oracle uses his Fate arcanum to come across a news story about a random shooting at a local diner where a couple got shot by a woman riding a motor bike. Since the couple were reported to have been taken to the hospital, the cabal decides to look for the victims in the hopes that they can find clues to track down Wrath. Oracle again uses his Fate arcanum and the nurse gets called away from her computer. Kratos uses the opportunity to look over recent admissions and find the location of the couple. Then, Errapel and Pysnaut use their mage sight to scrutinize the victims and uncover Wrath’s resonance. They then go to the diner and Oracle looks back in time to see Wrath’s possessed mage form so they can identify the spirit when they see it. It has possessed a young female mage with bright red hair and glowing yellow eyes.

Armed with this knowledge the cabal tracks the Wrath spirit through Quincy and just past midnight, ends up spotting her driving a motorbike and trying to goad drivers on the highway going into Boston. Oracle and Kratos, who were together in Oracle’s sports car, decide to take on Wrath alone and leave the others stuck in traffic driving in Zandra‘s minivan. Orcale and Kratos get into a gunfight on the highway and Kratos is shot several times. Oracle uses Fate to cause Wrath to drop her gun while Zandra finally catches up to them and uses Forces to shut down the motorbike’s battery, causing it to stall. Both groups pull over to the side of the highway and Wrath, who’s bike had recovered, picks up her gun and drives towards the cabal shooting at Kratos. Luckily, Storm Rider manages to place himself in the line of fire and take a bullet for his cabal-mate while Zandra heals some of Kratos’ wounds. Not deterred, Wrath tries to run Kratos over but Storm Rider grapples Wrath while Kratos and Oracle both use Death and Fate respectively to try and incapacitate her. Unfortunately, Kratos creates a Bedlam paradox (fear) which causes him take Oracle’s sports car and drive away. The rest of the cabal tries to calm the situation down using Mind and Spirit arcana which weakens Wrath. However, they realize that the cabal is working at opposite ends since the fighting is just making Wrath stronger. The rest of the cabal then joins in attacking Wrath and the group manages to incapacitate it.

Unfortunately, even though the possessed mage falls unconscious, the spirit starts manipulating her body like a marionette and starts the fight all over again. To make matters worst, the cabal hears police sirens in the distance. Psynaut then decides that they have to take Wrath to a “calm” place. So Storm Rider and Zandra grapple Wrath, jump into the back of the minivan with her body, and Psynaut drives the cabal away from the scene before the police arrives. Oracle, however, decides to wait for the police and, being the only suspect in a crime involving gunfire and reckless driving (among other crimes), is arrested and brought to Boston police headquarters.

Psynaut takes the cabal to the Hallow at Faxon Park which has a “slothful” resonance. As the two Arrows hold down Wrath, it slowly loses essence until finally it stops manipulating the mage’s body who’s hair turns from bright red to brown and who’s eyes turn from glowing yellow to a normal shade of blue. As the mage regains consciousness, Storm Rider explains to her what happened. The young mage introduces herself as Amelia. She’s from out of town and came to Boston to deliver a message to the Boston Consillium. However, while taking a coffee break she was served cold coffee and got angry, at which point Wrath managed to possess her. She uses her phone to check in with the Consillium, who in turn demand to speak with a representative of the cabal. The mage identifies himself as Chain Paris and decrees that the cabal present themselves in front of the ruling body of Boston’s mage community to explain the recent happenings. They have 1 week to prepare, mostly so that Adam has time to recover. The meeting is set for Wed April 17th at sundown in Salem.

Experience Rewards – includes bonus xp from adding characters to the wiki. No teamwork xp was awarded. Storm Rider performs a heroic act and is given a point of xp by group consensus.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 8
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 8
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 9
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 8
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 8
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 8
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0

Arcane XP (6)
By scrutinizing resonance, the entity emitting that resonance can be tracked, identified, and recognized
Incapacitating (knocking unconscious) a possessed person doesn’t always work to force out a possessing entity
All spirits have bans that can be exploited to weaken them; learning a spirit’s ban is the key to defeating it
A paradox can cause a mage to go mad
Spirits gain power (essence) from emotions similar to their resonance
The mystical landscape can be an important tool in dealing with the supernatural (bringing Wrath to Faxon Hallow)

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 3: A Nest of Vipers
The cabal gains allies

Tues April 9th, 2013 – 3am. Kratos recovers from his paradox-induced bedlam and returns to the cabal’s sanctum to get healed by Zandra. Realizing that Oracle didn’t come back with the group, Kratos decides to go looking for his boss. Using the Fate arcanum, the cabal hears on the news that their fight with Wrath didn’t go unnoticed by the authorities and that a suspect was picked up. Kratos goes to pick up Oracle who just finishes being questioned by the Boston Police but his mastery of Fate allowed him to get off without an further incident or record of his involvement.

Later that week, the police come to investigate reports of gunfire on the previous night (Monday) . Oracle explains it away and was let off with only a warning from the investigating officers.

Wed April 17th, 2013 – 6pm. Adam arrives at the sanctum to prepare with the cabal before they head off to see the Consilium in Salem. Adam makes it clear to the cabal that he will take full responsibility for anything that has happened due to the spirit’s escape. He also warns the cabal, however, that the Boston Consilium isn’t likely to step in and solve the problem or even care too much about it , provided it doesn’t affect the members directly. Boston is a land of opportunism and dark dealings among the Awakened, and the Hierarch of the city – a member of the Silver Ladder called the Nemean – settles matters quickly and violently.

On the way to Salem, Adam tells the cabal that the Consilium in Boston is dominated by two cabals, the White Putnams (largely Christian) and the Ebon Noose (neo-pagan). The two cabals are unusual in that they date back to Colonial times; most cabals don’t survive the deaths of their founders. Adam is not well verse in the history of the Awakened in the region, but he has heard rumours of dark and secretive pacts between the two cabals enabling their longevity. Adam identifies 3 major players in the Awakened power structure in the area: The Nemean who is the Hierarch, Chain Paris his Provost, and Anacaona de Xaragua his Sentinel.

The cabal arrives around 7pm at Cormant House and finds out that they’re not meeting with the Nemean or the Consilium but just with Chain Paris. He has been given the authority to hear the issues at hand and pass judgment on behalf of the Consilium. Another mage, Enoch, is also there during the hearing (members of the cabal notice that he scowls at Althanus). Chain Paris asks Anacaona to bring in Amelia as well. Adam begins to explain what happened and Chain passes the floor to the cabal to explain their part. Chain listens politely to everything the cabal and Adam have to say, asking questions where necessary to facilitate his understanding of what happened. He seems rational and level-headed and admits that the Nemean would be better suited to judge this case as he’s a master of the Spirit Arcanum. After listening to the testimony, including that of Amelia, Chain explains that he must think on the matter. In the meantime, he gives the floor to Enoch.

Enoch claims that Althanus stole a statue of mystical importance from him 3 nights ago and demands it’s return. When Althanus denies the accusation, backed up by the cabal, Enoch challenges Althanus to a Duel Arcane. When Althanus and the cabal try to refuse, Chain gets upset and demands that this issue be settled with a duel. He sends the group out of the conference room and into the foyer for the duel. Unfortunately, Althanus doesn’t fair well and ends up losing, which means he loses all his will power and is weakened. At this point, Chain summons the cabal back into the conference room to hear his verdict.

Chain claims that Adam must be “kept in check” and demands that Adam create a soul stone which will remain the property of the Consilium until the issue with the spirits is resolved. Both Enoch and Anacaona are shocked at the severity of the punishment, as is Amelia and the cabal. Adam, however, accepts the judgement. The cabal starts to question the wisdom of Chain’s verdict which prompts the Provost to rant about his authority over other mages. During all of the commotion, Oracle notices that Althanus seems very pleased with himself and he gets up to leave. Althanus also gets up to leave and starts to quickly move toward the door to the conference room. Errapel realizes that Chain’s behaviour is off and notices Althanus movements; he concludes that Envy must have influenced Chain and possessed Althanus as well (after being drained of willpower upon losing the Duel Arcane). He calls Envy out at which point Althanus/Envy runs for the door. Enoch magically closes and locks all windows and doors while Adam, Anacaona, and Psynaut use magic to attempt to keep Althanus in the room and Storm Rider tackles the possessed mage to the ground. Chain gets frustrated and accidentally causes an Anomaly (Paradox) while casting a spell. The anomaly knocks Chain down, cancels all magical effects, and forces Envy out of Althanus’ body. Realizing that simply beating on Envy won’t be enough, the cabal drains it’s essence by freely offering the spirit items of value. Several member give the spirit money which the spirit destroys in spite. Kratos gives Envy his Death Arcanum focus ring which Envy promptly destroys.

The cabal’s “charity” weakens the spirit enough and is destroyed. Amelia states that she feels Wrath weaken and Adam confirms his suspicion that they spirits are all linked as they used to be one entity. Chain’s feelings return to normal and he recovers from his paradox at which point he rescinds his former judgement. Instead, he orders the cabal to help Adam banish or destroy the remaining spirits and forbids them to contact other mages unless absolutely necessary due to the danger they pose to other mages. He reserves his judgement for later and both he and Anacaona agree that the Nemean be consulted on this matter. With that, the cabal and Adam leave Cormant House.


I’ve uploaded the current XP as well as the Arcane XP (Axp). The Arcane XP (Axp) is what was earned in the session as it’s linked to important knowledge/lessons about the supernatural so be sure to review these.

Feel free to post me messages about how you can spend xp but all the info you should need is here. You must, however, justify everything you spend XP on. If you need help justifying, just ask your fellow players or myself. I strongly recommend spending 12Axp on increasing your Gnosis from 1 to 2. This increases your mana pool from 10 to 11 and allows you to spend 2 points of mana per turn instead of just 1. It also adds an extra die to your pool when casting “improvised” magic. I also recommend spending your xp to upgrade skills you tend to use often but might not have many points in them or in skills for which you have a rote. Getting a specialization in a skill is also a good idea if it makes sense for your character. You can, of course, save some or all your xp and Axp for use later if you wish.

Experience Rewards – Psynaut was played exceptionally well (with Spanish language) and is given a bonus point of xp by group consensus.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 20Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 12, 20Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 12, 20Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 13, 20Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 13, 20Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 12, 20Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 12, 20Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 20Axp

Arcane XP (4)

  • The Duel Arcane is a mystical method for mages to settle disputes but requires someone to “square the circle” (Prime 2)
  • Some spirits are very good at avoiding detection
  • While most Paradoxes only affect the casting mage, some can cause severe anomalies in reality and thus affect others
  • The Vice spirits are mystically connected in some way; as one is defeated, the rest weaken
Gloria Mundi, Chapter 4: Siren's Song

A month passes without the spirits making trouble for the cabal in any way. Members use this time to rest, improve their skills, and ponder on recent events leading to a greater understanding of the mysteries. Adam also takes this time to deal with his house.

Wed May 15th, 2013 – 2pm. Before Adam is allowed to banish the Sloth Spirit, Pysnaut decides to use the connections between spirits to try and track down the other spirits. The warlock finds his way to the docks where he discovers a small cruise ship named the Sir Stephen. The ship has a strong resonance of Lust about it but no sign of the spirit. He calls for help but only Zandra replies and joins him. She can find no trace of the spirit. Together they try to gain more information from the port authority but are unsuccessful. They return to their sanctum and conduct some research on the ship. They discover that the ship was purchased from a cruise company going out of business by Gilbert Lancaster, a member of the New England Libertine Society (NELS). A picture on the internet shows Chain Paris and Gilbert together as part of a large group photo in a high society setting. The cabal contacts Chain and asks about Gilbert. Chain admits to knowing him and arranges them to meet the head of the NELS at a luncheon on Sunday.

Once the others get off work (and get Psynaut’s message) they return to the sanctum. Oracle uses his contacts to see if anyone in the sex-for-hire industry has heard about this “floating orgy”. He discovers a male stripper who might know something. Selene (Claire’s character), decides to “interrogate him” by hiring his services using Kratos’s apartment. After having some fun, she learns that he was supposed to hang on the arm of a “real glamorous society lady” but it became clear that he was expected to join in the sex play once on the ship.

Sun May 19th, 2013 – 11am. The cabal go to a very nice luncheon dressed to the nines in a conference room of an upscale hotel on Beacon Hill. One by one, each member is introduced to Gilbert and tries not to make any social “faux-pas”. All are successful except for Zandra and Storm Rider. The other members are asked to give their contact details and are each contacted the next day by an employee of Mr. Lancaster with all the details for the “boat ride”. The next trip is on Friday just after sundown. The rules are that no one is permitted to bring food or drink onto the ship, everything that happens on the ship is consensual, no illegal drugs of any kind are allowed onto the ship, and no weapons are allowed.

Meanwhile, armed with this information, Zandra and Storm Rider pool some of the cabal’s funds to hire a small boat which they plan to use to board the Sir Stephen once it’s out at sea.

Experience Rewards – Miguel and Nick didn’t get the “learning curve” award, all other members got 3 xp. This shows the running xp total and doesn’t take into account what’s been spent.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 20Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 15xp, 20Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 15xp, 20Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 13xp, 20Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 15xp, 20Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 15xp, 20Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 14xp, 20Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 20Axp

Arcane XP (0)

Nothing mystical discovered/encountered

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 4: Siren's Song pt 2
The cabal fails

Friday May 24th, 2013 – 7pm (after sundown). The entire cabal, except for Storm Rider and Zandra board the Sir Stephen as guests. The main dining room and ballroom of the cruise ship has been converted into a dimly lit area call “the market”. Passengers chat, flirt, and proposition each other in this room. There’s also plenty of food and drink but most of the cabal are too paranoid to partake.

While in the room, a man taps Selene on the shoulder and starts speaking, calling her “Anne-Marie”. However, once Selene turns around the man apologies, saying he thought she was someone else. Kratos follows him, thinking he might know the location of the lust spirit, but the man keeps socializing in the market.

Pysnaut notices a man slip something into the drink of an unsuspecting woman as she glances around, looking for a reason to leave the conversation. Pysnaut acts as if he knows her and she plays along, thus leaving the man. She brings Miguel into a private room and “expresses her gratitude” after which she leave him smoking on a post-coital cigarette.

Errapel is looking at the glamorous spread of food when one of his colleagues from medical school spots him. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, the school-mate subtly informs the Dr. that there may be some more work for the mob coming up as they’re moving on something big. David thanks him and the two part ways.

Oracle starts searching for who might be connected to the lust spirit using the Fate arcanum. As he’s walking down a lonely hallway he notices some strange happenings in another room but he’s too focused on his task to investigate.

Storm Rider and Zandra manage to sneak on board dressed in fine clothes. The get seperated from each other on their way to the market. Zandra has the opportunity to take some drugs (which are not permitted on board) but decides against it.

Meanwhile, Storm Rider encouters what sounds like a man trying to “force” himself on a woman in one of the cabins. He barges in with the intention to stop the crime but finds out they were enacting a fantasy. Jason manages to talk his way out of the embarrassing mistake.

Finally, Oracle finds a door marked “Private”. Inside he finds the lust spirit. She notices Ben and asks what he’s doing here. Oracle casts “The Perfect Moment” and talks his way into having the lust spirit serve him in his plans for power and domination. Anne-Marie agrees to meet up later to “seal the deal” and work out details. She de-materializes before his eyes. The feelings of lust dominating the boat slowly fade away.

After Pysnaut’s cigarette, he decides to locate the lust spirit using the Mind arcanum. He follows his senses to the “private” room and finds Oracle there. He assumes Oracle used some fate magic to seduce a woman and thinks nothing more on it and leaves to keep looking for the spirit. Meanwhile, Errapel tracks the spirit’s last known location to the “private” room but can’t find any more clues.

The mages meet back in the market and decide that somehow the spirit got wind of their presence and has escaped. After the ship docks and Oracle leaves the group, Pysnaut and Errapel exchange information and conclude that Oracle might have become possessed or influenced by Lust. However, after scrying on Ben, Miguel decides that it’s not the case, though Oracle seems happy about something.

The mages decide to call in their failure and tell Chain Paris who’s upset at the fact that Lust escaped. However, he’s happy that there was no “incident” on board the ship. After that, the cabal decides to call Adam but are unable to reach him. In fact, Pysnaut can’t reach him by magic either. They go to his house to investigate and discover that Adam has been staying in a motel nearby while his house is under repair. They proceed to the motel and find that Adam is missing. After searching the room, they discover a secret space behind the bed which contains a disc imbued with the power to stop any spirit from escaping. Along with a disc is a note written by Adam quickly, and in duress saying that he’s sorry for everything that has happened. They also discover some blood outside the motel room which Kratos uses to conclude that someone (but not Adam) was killed. The cabal call the police who come and investigate. It looks like Adam was assaulted and kidnapped and that one of the assailants was shot by a shotgun even though all other evidence (other than the blood outside) mysteriously vanished.

With the lust spirit having escaped, their mentor gone, and Oracle keeping secrets, things are starting to get out of control.

Experience Rewards – Every player got 3 xp; they failed to get the xp point for teamwork.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 21Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 18xp, 21Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 18xp, 21Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 16xp, 21Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 18xp, 21Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 18xp, 21Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 17xp, 21Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 21Axp

Arcane XP (1)

Someone has managed to kidnap Adam and nearly erase all evidence of the crime.

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 5: Made Men
Errapel Loses His Soul

Friday June 14th, 2013 – After weeks of hearing nothing from the spirits Errapel receives a letter in the mail from a reporter named Dick McManus who claims to have “compromising” photos of David and other important people. David deduces that Dick is being influenced by the greed spirit.

The cabal decides to do some research on the reporter and finds out that he’s been writing for the Boston Globe for nearly 20 years and has broken several important cases during that time, most of which dealt with organized crime in Boston. David suggests that they lure McManus to a secluded location in case they have to openly deal with Greed; they don’t want any sleepers getting in the way. David sets up a meeting with McManus to “do the exchange” on the site of an abandoned construction project. Pysnaut reads McManus’ surface thoughts as David asks the reporter where he hid the negatives. Miguel informs the cabal that he knows McManus is hiding them in a safe in his office. Upon hearing that, David signals to 3 members of the Russian Mafia hiding in the area and they open fire on McManus. Zandra manages to heal some of McManus’ wounds before she’s forced to escape with the others in the minivan. Everyone manages to escape except for David who dematerializes, thus revealing himself as the greed spirit.

The cabal returns to their sanctum where Pysnaut scrys the real David to determine his location. The cabal finds him in one of the units at a storage facility called Lock It Up. They realize that he’s had his soul taken and can no longer cast magic. Using the sympathetic connection between the “empty shell” of David to his lost soul (in the possession of Greed), Pysnaut tracks down the spirit to a bar just after 1am the next day (Saturday). The cabal gains entry through the front door and confronts the greed spirit masquerading as David along with the 3 shooters playing poker. The cabal notices the spirit losing strength as the men notice 2 “Davids”. The mages are quick to capitalize on this and Kratos uses a bottle of vodka to cast soul jar and pull David’s soul away from Greed. The spirit commands the shooters to open fire at the group but Kratos is too fast for them and uses magic to weaken their guns which fall apart. The Russians lose heart and leave David, thus weakening the spirit. Kratos again acts to steal all the money on the table, weakening Greed further. Lastly, the rest of the cabal starts stealing Greed’s clothes which results in the spirit’s destruction.

Now that Greed has been defeated, the cabal still needs to find a way to re-attach David’s soul and find the remaining 2 spirits of Gluttony and Pride. Little does the cabal know that Oracle is already putting his plan for corporate domination into action and has gained the help of the Lust Spirit by “feeding” it.

Experience Rewards – Not fully updated yet.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 23Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 20xp, 23Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 21xp, 23Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 16xp, 23Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 21xp, 23Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 21xp, 23Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 20xp, 23Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 23Axp

Arcane XP (2)

Some creatures can steal a soul
Loss of an awakened soul leads to the loss of magic

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 6: The Feast
Oracle's plans are revealed

Monday July 22nd, 2013 – 7pm. Zandra is collecting the mail at the sanctum and she notices a postcard addressed to Miguel Rodriguez. The postcard is from a small town about 4 hours away called Waltman’s Neck and on the card are the words “Please help me” in tiny lettering. The cabal notices that there’s a faint trace of spiritual energy on the card as if a spirit touched it. Pysnaut uses the card to scry on the writer. He sees a rock wall and hears rushing water and, strangely, a dog panting. The dog looks like it’s starving and it’s chained to the wall. The Mastigos considered opening a portal but decided that the time investment and risk was too great, seeing as whomever stepped through the portal might become trapped on the other side. Kratos researches the town and finds that the population is just under 2,000 with the main trade being fishing. Not surprisingly, the population has been declining over the last few years as jobs in the industry move overseas. The town attracts students and seasonal workers who are brave enough to risk the dangers of the fishing trade. Death related to the fishing industry is only slightly higher than in neighbouring towns. Even though it’s now 8pm, the cabal decides to head off to Waltman’s Neck.

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 – 12am. The cabal arrives in town after tracking the Gluttony spirit from fast-food joint to greasy diner along the way. They lose the trail in town as the spirit has obviously been to all the restaurants in town, though not a single franchise can be found in town. Seeing as it’s late, the cabal looks for a place to stay and they arrive at the Waltman Inn – Est 1912. Inside a tired but happy proprietor, Jules Bagron, invites the cabal to stay and offers to prepare a meal. The cabal agrees and is treated to a delicious beef stew and fine red wine. They go up to their rooms to sleep it off and prepare to continue tracking down the gluttony spirit in the morning.

Sometime after that, the cabal wakes up bound and gagged in a cellar under a house. The floor is damp and cold and a single light bulb hangs from the ceiling where they spot Jules, 3 other men, and a 7 foot tall monster of a man, built like a brick with thick brown hair and light brown, almost yellow, eyes. The cabal overhear the group planning to hang them upside down and cut their throats to drain their blood before stripping their carcass for meat. The tall man is delaying the slaughter because he’s hoping to turn one of the mages to become his apprentice. Panicking, the cabal start to struggle and alert their enemies. The tall man picks up Nick who quickly tries to convince the cannibal that he’d make an excellent apprentice with this death and matter magic. The tall man agrees and tells him that he must kill on of his friend to prove his loyalty. He gives Kratos a knife and lets the necromancer go. Nick moves behind Oracle. Suddenly, Zandra tranforms the moss on the ground to a swarm of scorpions who start to climb all over the cannibals. Nick summons a ghost who frightens the sleepers off, Pysnaut commands the scorpions to sting and bite the cannibals, and both Storm Rider and Zandra use the light bulb to direct electricity to incapacitate the large cannibal. Thankfully, Errapel manages to dispell the dark mage’s protective spell which allows Nick to get into a knife fight with the large man. After Storm Rider manages to blind the tall man with a direct electrical pulse to his eyes he falls unconscious.

The cabal free themselves and tie the mag up. Meanwhile, Pysnaut and Oracle discover a passage in the back of the cellar leading through winding tunnels to a deep hallow. There they find the starving dog and the gluttony spirit who pleads with the mages to release the dog and let him go. The spirit promises to banish itself as it’s had enough torment. Oracle tries to bargain with the spirit, saying that he’s already brought the lust spirit into his service and will spare gluttony if he joins him. While Pysnaut thinks about it, Oracle releases the dog who starts wandering away, Miguel, who has formed an emotional attachment to the dog, follows it out of the hallow. Oracle repeats his offer and the spirit vanishes, fading away into nothing.

Experience Rewards.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 24Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 23xp, 24Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 24xp, 24Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 19xp, 24Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 24xp, 24Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 24xp, 24Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 23xp, 24Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 24Axp

Arcane XP (1)

The slightly higher mortality rate in Waltman’s Neck was due to a cannibal cult run by a rogue mage.

Gloria Mundi: Interlude
Oracle's got some explaining to do

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 – 4am. Errapel and Pysnaut confront Oracle about his supposed “deal” with Gluttony. After a short argument, the cabal decides it’s unwise to have this discussion in the lair of a cannibal cult lead by a crazed mage.

The cabal ties up the cannibal mage and Errapel prevents him from casting any spells. They take him to Salem after alerting the Consillium of their arrival and leave the dark mage in their custody.

The cabal returns to their sanctum where they argue with Oracle about his “secret plans” and whether or not it puts the rest of the cabal in danger. Benjamin manages to appease Miguel and David and they let the issue go for now, but Oracle knows he needs to be more careful and forward thinking from now on.

The rest of the cabal spends the next few months searching for the last spirit, studying Arcane Lore, and organizing their lives to allow more time for their magely pursuits. Ben and David hire more help to take care of their businesses, Samantha starts up a home business of her own, Miguel gets a new job, and Nick graduates from being an intern.

Experience Rewards.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 24Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 25xp, 24Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 26xp, 24Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 19xp, 24Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 26xp, 24Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 26xp, 24Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 25xp, 24Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 24Axp

Arcane XP (0)

No new insights into the supernatural were gained.

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 7: Descent
The Cabal's Fate is in Oracle's Hands

Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 – 7pm. The cabal senses a wave of magic passing through the Sanctum. The mages quickly prepare themselves and track down the wave to it’s source, Faxon Park. The cabal arrives to a clearing in the forest with the ruins of an old, unused fountain and a stone archway covered in foliage. They find the bodies of 4 dead men and woman; Kratos takes their photos in case he needs to identify them later. Errapel tries to determine how they died but is stumped. Nick uses the Death arcanum to determine that they died of a sudden shock to the system while Oracle looks back in time to see what happened. He sees the four people gathering around the archway and one of them says “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. Shortly thereafter, the speaker goes wide-eyed in horror and she collapses, dead, followed seconds later by her fellows. Benjamin relays this information and the cabal backs away from the Archway.

Since the cabal cast nightsight as they didn’t bring flashlights, Nick notices a heat signature nearby. Moving over to it he sees a large sedan, recently parked and still warm. He trips a ward while using magic to corrode the lock on the door and gets electrocuted. After recovering, he searches the car. The vehicle is spotless and has been recently cleaned. He finds two maps in the glove compartment, one of New England and one of the Boston area. Nick unfolds the maps and finds that Faxon Park, the hotel in which Adam was staying, and their sanctum are all circled. He also finds a large plastic tarp, a can of gasoline, and a long coil of rope in the trunk. Oracle looks back in time and sees 5 people getting out of the car, one of them looks like him. He then calls the police to report the dead bodies and the vehicle. Nick decides to use the Death arcanum to make it look like the people were killed by wild animals.

With the police about 30 min away, the cabal decides the they should investigate the archway. As they approach it, they hear a voice saying “Are you hear to claim your due enchanter?” Errapel, who is in the process of looking into Twilight for spirits, turns towards the source of the voice which causes the figure to disappear. The cabal then gathers around the archway and Oracle speaks the words “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. The world around them quickly changes as they are surrounded by a vibrant forest with no animals and no spirits. A large staircase made of thorns grows up from the ground and a Bluish mist surrounds them making it difficult to see more than a few feet in any direction.

The cabal climbs the stairs and a featureless but humanoid creature about 10 feet tall and made of foliage and bluish glass forms in front of them. The guardian asks them for a “key”, but as none of them have a key, the guardian declares that they must pass a series of tests to receive a key and earn the right to enter the Alae Draconis’ Jade Forest. The guardian answers the cabal’s questions and reveals that Oracle is “the pathfinder” and that if he dies, the whole cabal dies. The guardian also reveals that they can quite anytime and that once they have a key, they no longer have to face the trials and can re-enter as many times as they like after that.

Once the cabal have asked their questions, the guardian grows 20 feet tall, takes out a huge two-handed sword with a glass blade and attacks Oracle. The cabal use every weapon at their disposal from shotguns to swords to wear down the guardian and protect their pathfinder. In the end, Errapel is able to dispel the guardian, using the Prime arcanum, which promptly shatters into pieces of glass and foliage. Pysnaut takes a shard of glass for a keepsake.

After the battle, a path lights up for the group to follow but also a glowing, bluish mist appears to block their path. Oracle senses that it’s the “mists of time” and that touching them is fatal. Kratos, however, is too curious and tries to find a clever way of interacting with the mist to use his Matter arcanum on it. As he touches the mist with his left hand, however, it quickly starts to age and then decays in seconds and falls off turning to dust as it hits the ground. Nick manages to pull his arm back before the effect overtakes his entire body but his left hand has been destroyed. Oracle uses the Time arcanum to “push back the mists of time” and clear a path for the cabal to follow. After about 20 yards, the group finds a circular door made of ornately carved bluish glass and a combination lock. Althanus take a few moments to crack the code as Benjamin holds back the mists. After the door is unlocked, the cabal follows some stairs down to another chamber.

This chamber is filled with gold and jewels but no one dares to touch anything. Oracle uses the Fate arcanum to find a hidden door under a pile of valuables. The cabal clears the pile, opens the door, and again descends some stairs, this time lined with ornately beautifully carved statues of elven warriors made of bluish glass. As they make their way, the statues come to life, one of them asks the Pathfinder: “life, soul, mind, or death”. After using the Time arcanum to determine that no answer causes his death, he chooses “soul”. The creatures grab David and hold him while another creature readies it’s glass weapon to strike and goads Benjamin to protect his companion. Oracle uses a powerful Fate spell to make the creature miss it’s target completely after which the statues shatter and the cabal continues down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a great stone hall lit by soothing white light. They see tables and chairs with books and scrolls marked with Atlantean runes, and containing great knowledge. A humanoid figure, wearing a simple gray robe, stands between the tables. He raises a hand and says “Let the scholars of the Alae Draconis come forth”. As the cabal steps forth, the ground splits, and a great chasm yawns into being between them and the tables. As the cabal puzzles out this final test they notice Pride behind them on the stairs. He waves and starts flying away. Miguel acts quickly to draw the disc and “bind” the spirit to this location. Unable to escape, Pride and the cabal enter a discussion where by the cabal tries to puzzle out the spirit’s ban while Pride tries to tempt Oracle to “join” with him and achieve great power. Kratos becomes frustrated, however, and opens fire on Pride who then laughs and dares Kratos to kill him revealing that he’ll just reform later as he’s immortal. When Nick realizes his error and stops his attack, Pride picks up a rock and tries to commit “suicide”. Storm Rider grapples the spirit, thus preventing it’s “death” while the cabal decides what to do and Oracle weights his options.

Experience Rewards. Arthur gets a bonus xp for picking up the game quickly and seamlessly. Oracle gets a bonus by saving Errapel in a spectacular manner. Psynaut gets a bonus xp for his quick thinking, binding Pride. Nick gets bonus XP for a lesson hard-learned. The cabal all get their “teamwork” bonus. Extra 3 XP given to the group for RP bonus which was accidentally omitted from the previous 4 games. Storm Rider missed 2 sessions and thus only gets 1 extra XP for RP. XP is now up to date.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 10xp, 29Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 33xp, 29Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 33xp, 29Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 24xp, 29Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 34xp, 29Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 33xp, 29Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 33xp, 29Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 29Axp

Arcane XP (5)

Found a gateway into another realm
Found a group of mysterious people connected to both the cabal and Adam, but they’re dead
Rules of magic are different in the realm; Fate and Time cause no paradox there
Fought some magical guardians made of glass who can auto-counter magic spells
Encountered a strange mist that greatly accelerates time and can kill with a touch


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