Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Kocytos, Chapter 4: Revelation
There are worse things out there

Monday February 3rd, 2013 – 6pm. Anacaona de Xargua arrives at the sanctum to announce that the cabal has broken the precept of secrecy (Kratos’ issue) and that they failed to stop Nick when they had the opportunity, instead opting to run away. As such, the White Putnams (Chain Paris’ cabal) have declared war on the Lost Pantheon. The rules are that neither cabal will violate the sacrosanct of the other Cabal’s official Sanctum. The cabal invites the sentinel for some tea and coffee to discuss the situation. Anacaona simply states the facts and leaves the cabal to figure out what to do next.

7pm. Miguel decides that it might be a good idea to find a mediator and calls up Eleggua to ask for some advice. The Libertine suggests that Khumeia may be able to help. Since Ben has met her before, he calls her up and she agrees to come over to discuss.

8pm. Khumeia arrives and the cabal treats her to a late night tea and coffee in the living room. The Vox Draconis suggests that the cabal needs to organize their thoughts and be ready to present exactly why they think Chain Paris is behind the murder of their former members. Meanwhile, she will arrange a meeting between themselves and the White Putnams.

9pm. Miguel decides to warn Zandra and arranges to meet her at a nearby Starbucks. Samantha decides that it’s best if she and her family leave Boston for the time being until this blows over and thanks Miguel for looking out for her. After she leaves, Miguel is approached by a man and a women in business suits. They cryptically ask the mage if they’ve seen their friend who is “causing trouble” in the city. They end up explaining that they work for the “Chooser of Heroes”, the woman is Hope and the man is Poetic Justice. Their friend is named “Metathron” and he specializes in choosing heroes who are able to overcome great tragedy. However, he has rebelled and now chooses people who cannot possibly best the trials put forth to them and end up dying. They also suggest that Metathron has taken an interest in one of the members of the cabal and that they are in great danger. They also reveal that they cannot interfere directly but wanted to let Miguel know what was going on.

Kratos decides to go the sleep early and use his ability to receive prophetic dreams. He sees a spider at the center of a web with flies trapped inside. The spider approaches one of the flies and gives it a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Ben goes to the morgue to find the person who had told him that Chain was the murderer. On his way, he finds out that Steve Ballmer had died earlier in the day (he died when a ladder fell on him) and he made a lot of money with his puts on Microsoft’s stocks. After searching the morgue for a while, he’s unable to find the man and leaves. However, out on the streets, he’s approached by a man who congratulates him on making a lot of money off Steve Ballmer’s unfortunate accident. The man asks for the name of another person. Oracle tries to give him Chain’s name but the man says he needs his real name. So instead, Oracle gives him the name of Barack Obama.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 63xp, 41Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 66xp, 41Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 59xp, 41Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 57xp, 41Axp
Michael – 8xp, 10Axp
Warren – 8xp, 10Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

Strange people suggest that that there is more going on that they know
The person giving advice to Oracle may not be a mage after all

Kocytos, Chapter 3: Fire
The Cabal is attacked

Sunday February 2nd, 2013 – 5pm. The cabal decide to go to Carl’s Jr. to discuss how to ambush Chain Paris. As they finish up their meal, 3 asian people walk into the restaurant, pull out guns, and get ready to attack the group. Fortunately, Oracle manages to pull off a FATE spell, making all their guns jam. The attackers draw martial art weapons (twin daggers, Chinese sword, twin sticks) and try to beat up the cabal. The attackers reveal themselves to be mages due to their mage armour and other combat spells. During the fight, Warren Johnson gets beaten to unconsciousness and Ben runs away. Thankfully, someone had called the cops and the asian mages flee the scene leaving Errapel to revive Warren. The cabal retreat to their sanctum to plan their next move and heal up.

Monday February 3rd, 2013 – 9am. Ben and Nick find all their recent customers have canceled appointments as does David. Miguel finds that all his recent assignments were due earlier than he had expected and gets late penalties deducted from his grades. Warren’s retainer fails to get the groceries and the dry cleaning and is nowhere to be found.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 59xp, 39Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 62xp, 39Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 55xp, 39Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 53xp, 39Axp
Michael – 8xp, 8Axp
Warren – 8xp, 8Axp

Arcane XP for all (1)

An unknown group of mages attacks the cabal

Kocytos, Chapter 2: Prophecy
The Villain is Revealed

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 – 9pm. Members of the cabal are injured, so they decide to harvest mana from their Hallows. When they get to the Hallow at Faxon Park, they discover that someone has drained it and taken all the Tass in the area. From scrutinizing the magical auras, they determine that it was Chain Paris. Not wanting to draw his ire and feeling like the Hallow, being on public property, is “free to all”, the cabal does nothing. Instead, they retreat to their sanctum to try and find out more about the mysterious killer. Unfortunately, after hours of scrutinizing the hair and nail clippings they found on the ghost hounds, they are no closer to finding his or her identity. The cabal go their own ways for the night.

Friday January 31st, 2014 – 9am. Oracle finds out that Guidwire’s CEO died in an accident while vacationing on his yacht. Guidwire’s stock plummets before recovering later in the day but not before Benjamin makes a lot of money.

11pm - Lust tells Oracle of a new club she’d like to attend and suggests Ben brings some “friends”. The members of the cabal decide to go for some stress relief and end up in the “basement” where the rules are very similar to on the Sir Stephen (the Love Boat). The members have a lot of fun and Errapel notices Serena there in the crowd, doing her dominatrix thing. When asked if he wants to join her, David says he’ll just watch. He later decides that he’d much rather be in control himself than give control to a woman. Suddenly, the police burst in; it’s a raid. The cabal don’t put up a fight and allow themselves to be processed. A woman screams and the cabal finds out that Serena is dead. Down at the station, Pysnaut convinces the police he was innocent of knowing the illegality of the club whereas the other cabal members are caught in their lies and are put in a holding cell to await their due process.

Saturday February 1st, – 8am. After being released, Miguel contacts the cabal members by telepathy and together they devise a legal defense. Miguel offers to owe Eleggua a favour in the future for helping to create some false electronic evidence to corroborate the cabal’s alibis. Lust then shows up, pretending to be Benjamin’s defense lawyer and gets the cabal released. Seeing as Serena’s dead, Lust announces that she’ll take over her life and get more of her independence back.

10am - Benjamin contacts Sarah O’Farrell to get the cabal into the morgue to see Serena’s and Arthur’s bodies. The coroner’s report says that Serena died of an Ecstasy overdose (which is very hard to do) while having sex with 5 men and the mage’s arcanum seem to confirm this. Someone is killing off the cabal one member at a time and is very good at covering their tracks. Just when the cabal is stumped, the coroner walks into the room, tells Oracle that the one responsible is Chain Paris, and walks away.

12pm - Benjamin is having lunch in a restaurant near his work when a man sits beside him. He says how Ben must have made a lot on Guidwire’s tragic loss of their CEO and asks Ben who he would like dead. Ben suggests Steve Ballmer and the man says that the CEO will be dead in a week.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 55xp, 38Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 58xp, 38Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 51xp, 38Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 49xp, 38Axp
Michael – 8xp, 7Axp
Warren – 4xp, 7Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

Mana can be spent to heal oneself.
Chain Paris stole mana from Faxon Park’s Hallow.

Kocytos, Chapter 1: Omen
An Old Friend is Lost

Wed Jan 29th, 2013 – 5pm. Members of the Cabal are due to meet at Chris Ruth’s Steak House in Boston to celebrate Oracle’s recovery from his head wound and to welcome new members to their group. Benjamin gets there early and goes to have a drink at the bar. A man in his early 30s dressed in an Armani suit goes up to the bar and orders a glass of Johnnie Walker ($50 a glass, scotch). He looks over and sees Oracle. Out loud, the man surmises that Ben is looking for a big break. He tells him that Guidewire, a large software company which delivers core systems that enable companies to deliver insurance, has a CEO named Marcus Ryu age 38. The company has a market capital of $1.13 billion. He’s going to meet with certain disaster soon at which point the company’s stocks will plummet. Shorting the stock would be a good idea. He then leaves without a word. Oracle takes the man’s news at face value and places a large short order on the stock using his brokerage software.

6pm - The rest of the cabal arrives and they all sit down to dinner. They order steaks for the most part and a few order dessert. During the dinner, Kratos uses Forces to prevent the Sleepers from overhearing their conversation. Warren tries to keep up with the Oilers vs Bruins game(they end up losing 1-3). His fan from his days as an Olympian (who is stalking him) sees Warren at the table, comes over, and tries to strike up a conversation. However, Pysnaut uses his new found discipleship of the Mind Arcanum to have the fan leave them in peace, much to Warren’s relief. At the end of the meal, and the hockey game, the cabal hears on the news of a strange death narrated by Fox news anchorman Steve Doocy. “A meteorite flew through the victim’s opening garage door in the middle of the day as he was driving off and struck the vehicle’s gas tank such that it exploded and the driver was killed. Police have not released details but sources say that the victim was pretending to be a house sitter while the owners were on a long holiday.”

7pm - The cabal returns to their Sanctum to investigate and determine that it was indeed Althanus (Arthur Fox) who was killed. They then use their contacts in the Police to find out where the “accident” took place. They head over to Beacon Hill in two separate cars and park a block away from the apartment. Kratos notices security cameras in the area and he opens a portal into twilight which the group steps through so they can investigate the crime scene undetected. Having also bestowed the ability to see back into the mundane world, the cabal investigate the house but find nothing unusual. However, when Oracle gets into the garage, he looks back in time and determines that a subtle Fate effect was used to arrange for a meteorite to kill Althanus in such a coincidental fashion. They decide to go to the morgue to see if they can gather any more clues from the body. However, they don’t have much luck as the morgue is closed for visiting.

8pm - The cabal leave in separate vehicles again, hoping to return in the morning. However, ghost hounds materialize on top of them in the car and a fight ensues. Michael is gravely injured on his forearm defending himself from the ghost. After the ghost hounds are defeated, Miguel notices that some of them leave behind a small piece of hair or fingernail clippings belonging to the mage the ghost had attacked. They get the feeling that someone or something is out to kill them.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 51xp, 36Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 54xp, 36Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 51xp, 36Axp
Michael – 4xp, 5Axp
Warren – 4xp, 5Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

  • Someone is killing members of the cabal
  • Twilight can have a very different environment than the mundane world would suggest (Beacon Hill under water)

Bonus Arcane XP for new players (3)

  • There exists another realm beyond the mundane (twilight)
  • Some mages can look back in time to see past events as they happen
  • Ghosts can materialize to interact with the living
Gloria Mundi, Chapter 8: Finals Week, pt3
The Seer Escapes

Thurs Dec 12th, 2013 – 8pm. After Pride was destroyed by Adam’s spirit and Dr. Imes fell unconscious, a wrathful Oracle tried to kill off the Imes. He was stopped by Pysnaut who took the gun away from him. The cabal heard the police sirens in the background and Ben decided to stay behind to offer an explanation. Meanwhile, Miguel and Nick escaped into twilight and, after stealing a car, drove back to Faxon Park with the Seer in the trunk. The police arrive at the scene, question Oracle, then have an ambulance take him to the hospital to recover.

9pm. The two mages arrive at Faxon park with the Seer. Miguel ties him up and tries to interrogate him. Unfortunately, Pysnaut’s arguments that “the Seers are Evil” doesn’t sound convincing as he’s unable to explain why the pentacle orders are “good”. Nick convinces Miguel to allow him to interrogate the Seer alone. Kratos makes a portal into twilight and the Seer and himself steps through. Once on the other side, Nick explains that he too serves the Exarchs and wants to bring the mask back to Harvard. Dr. Imes agrees not to rat him out to his cabal if Nick doesn’t tell the Seers about the Dr.s whereabouts and recent involvement with the Mask. The two return to the mundane world and Nick tells Miguel that he didn’t get anything out of the Seer. Miguel calls Chain to tell him that they have the mask, however the Seer somehow manages to break his bonds and escape. Before Miguel can react, Nick takes the mask and puts in on while at the same time creating shadows and pretending to becoming possessed by the mask. This ruse allows Dr. Imes to get a head start. Miguel helps Nick take of the mask, then Kratos runs after Imes into the forest and Pysnaut gets in the car to drive after them. Once in the forest, and hidden from Miguel. Kratos lets Imes go and places the mask in Twilight; when Miguel asks, Nick is successful in making up a lie about the Seer escaping with the mask.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 47xp, 34Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 45xp, 34Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 28xp, 34Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 50xp, 34Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 47xp, 34Axp

Arcane XP (1)

The cabal meets a Seer of the Throne.

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 8: Finals Week, pt2
Oracle is dealt a mortal blow

Wed Dec 11th, 2013 – 5pm. The cabal chews out Kratos for all the trouble he caused.

Thurs Dec 12th, 2013 – 9am. Pysnaut returns to Harvard to speak with Clint. Discovers he’s newly awakened and agrees to teach him magic. Clint reveals that he stole the mask and left in on his professor’s desk, a Dr. Benjamin Imes. Upon leaving Clint, Pysnaut is attacked by ghost hounds and is nearly killed. Thankfully, campus security shows up, distracting the ghosts long enough for Psynaut to use the disc of binding on them. They eventually fade away and security takes him to a hospital to recover from the attack.

11am. The cabal meets Miguel at the hospital who is discharged into their care. At the Sanctum, Zandra heals Miguel, then the group decides to see Dr. Imes about the mask but wait until the evening when they think he’ll be at home.

8pm. They discover the location of his house and everyone hides in twilight except for Oracle who walks up to the house and knocks on the door. Unfortunately, Dr. Imes is on his guard, what with all the ruckus happening on campus, and immediately dons the mask as he meets Benjamin. The mage gains power and uses it to dominate Oracle, making him pull out his gun and shoot himself in the head, which mortally wounds the Acanthus. The cabal desperately tries to save Oracle but their magical efforts from Twilight only serve to alert Dr. Imes to their presence. He then demands they exit Twilight, else he’ll kill Oracle.

As the cabal exits twilight, Pride materializes and is enraged, saying that Dr. Imes promised to kill Oracle in exchange for the mask. Suddenly, Dr. Imes is overtaken by another entity, the spirit of Adam, who promptly destroys the pride spirit. Then, using Dr. Imes’ body as a medium, he apologizes for everything that happened and fades away, leaving Dr. Imes unconscious.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 44xp, 32Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 45xp, 32Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 28xp, 32Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 47xp, 32Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 40xp, 32Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 44xp, 32Axp

Arcane XP (1)

The the Mask grants the user access to the Arcana of a dead mage but can also overwhelm the user with the dead mage’s spirit.

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 7: Descent pt2
The Eve of Victory Approaches

Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 – 7pm? Storm Rider has Pride in a hold to prevent it’s “suicide” while Pysnaut concentrates on the disc of binding to prevent it’s escape. The cabal tries to figure out how to defeat Pride and Miguel is struck with an idea. He attempts to communicate to Oracle that he believes Pride’s ban to be Benjamin’s sweat “from hard work”. Unfortunately, Oracle doesn’t get the clues and Pride finally escapes Jason’s hold and knocks the disc out of Pysnaut’s hand which falls towards the chasm. Kratos manipulates the shadows to catch the disc before it falls while the rest of the cabal tries to stop Pride. By the time Pysnaut retrieves the disc, Pride has escaped.

Kratos then uses his power over shadows to create a bridge across the chasm which promptly seals as soon as the Moros reaches the other side. The “Librarian” welcomes them the the Library of the Jade Forest and gives them the “key” (a phrase in high speech). The cabal takes some time to review the lore contained withing the books and scrolls before returning to the mundane world. There, they find the car set on fire and the police on their way. They stay long enough to answer basic questions about the crime and then head back to the sanctum. Unfortunately, they discover the Pride has stolen some notes on Fate magic written by Oracle and also somehow damaged the Hollow, weakening it so that it only produces 2 instead of 3 Talons of Tass per day.

Downtime - Weeks pass as the cabal keep searching for Pride. Errapel decides to purchase Adam’s house since it also contains a Hallow and the cabal spends a lot of time studying the lore in the Jade Forest.

Tues Dec 10th, 2013 – 10am. Errapel is reviewing the news, looking for clues as to Pride’s whereabouts and reads that one of her old Occult professors at Harvard University, Dr. Charles Vasil, had an item of importance stolen from him Monday Evening. Meanwhile, Kratos has a strange dream about a man doing surgery. He removes the “face” of the patient and puts it on, becoming effectively his patient. David gathers the cabal and heads off to campus. There, they meet the professor and start asking questions about the missing item. Miguel gets the Dr’s latest book on the supernatural signed. Kratos senses lingering death magic from where the items was kept on the shelf. The Dr. reveals the item to be a “Mask of Hecate”. He also shows the cabal a piece of paper, a page from a large notebook, that came from Oracle’s notes on Fate magic. Unfortunately, each member of the cabal asks the Dr. too many, and very strange questions which makes the Dr. paranoid. He escorts them out of his office and listens at the door as the cabal talks about the Lex Magica and argue. The professor calls campus security to arrive to escort the cabal off campus.

Experience Rewards - Correction from the game table. XP is only awarded once per session rather than at the end of each chapter. XP adjusted to reflect that. All members got the learning and RP XP, as well as teamwork and some bonuses.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 10xp, 31Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 37xp, 31Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 38xp, 31Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 24xp, 31Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 39xp, 31Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 33xp, 31Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 37xp, 31Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 31Axp

Arcane XP (2)

Discovered a lost “Atlantean” library written in high speech focusing on Fate and Time Aracana
Learned that a sleeper professor has an arcane item of power

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 7: Descent
The Cabal's Fate is in Oracle's Hands

Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 – 7pm. The cabal senses a wave of magic passing through the Sanctum. The mages quickly prepare themselves and track down the wave to it’s source, Faxon Park. The cabal arrives to a clearing in the forest with the ruins of an old, unused fountain and a stone archway covered in foliage. They find the bodies of 4 dead men and woman; Kratos takes their photos in case he needs to identify them later. Errapel tries to determine how they died but is stumped. Nick uses the Death arcanum to determine that they died of a sudden shock to the system while Oracle looks back in time to see what happened. He sees the four people gathering around the archway and one of them says “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. Shortly thereafter, the speaker goes wide-eyed in horror and she collapses, dead, followed seconds later by her fellows. Benjamin relays this information and the cabal backs away from the Archway.

Since the cabal cast nightsight as they didn’t bring flashlights, Nick notices a heat signature nearby. Moving over to it he sees a large sedan, recently parked and still warm. He trips a ward while using magic to corrode the lock on the door and gets electrocuted. After recovering, he searches the car. The vehicle is spotless and has been recently cleaned. He finds two maps in the glove compartment, one of New England and one of the Boston area. Nick unfolds the maps and finds that Faxon Park, the hotel in which Adam was staying, and their sanctum are all circled. He also finds a large plastic tarp, a can of gasoline, and a long coil of rope in the trunk. Oracle looks back in time and sees 5 people getting out of the car, one of them looks like him. He then calls the police to report the dead bodies and the vehicle. Nick decides to use the Death arcanum to make it look like the people were killed by wild animals.

With the police about 30 min away, the cabal decides the they should investigate the archway. As they approach it, they hear a voice saying “Are you hear to claim your due enchanter?” Errapel, who is in the process of looking into Twilight for spirits, turns towards the source of the voice which causes the figure to disappear. The cabal then gathers around the archway and Oracle speaks the words “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. The world around them quickly changes as they are surrounded by a vibrant forest with no animals and no spirits. A large staircase made of thorns grows up from the ground and a Bluish mist surrounds them making it difficult to see more than a few feet in any direction.

The cabal climbs the stairs and a featureless but humanoid creature about 10 feet tall and made of foliage and bluish glass forms in front of them. The guardian asks them for a “key”, but as none of them have a key, the guardian declares that they must pass a series of tests to receive a key and earn the right to enter the Alae Draconis’ Jade Forest. The guardian answers the cabal’s questions and reveals that Oracle is “the pathfinder” and that if he dies, the whole cabal dies. The guardian also reveals that they can quite anytime and that once they have a key, they no longer have to face the trials and can re-enter as many times as they like after that.

Once the cabal have asked their questions, the guardian grows 20 feet tall, takes out a huge two-handed sword with a glass blade and attacks Oracle. The cabal use every weapon at their disposal from shotguns to swords to wear down the guardian and protect their pathfinder. In the end, Errapel is able to dispel the guardian, using the Prime arcanum, which promptly shatters into pieces of glass and foliage. Pysnaut takes a shard of glass for a keepsake.

After the battle, a path lights up for the group to follow but also a glowing, bluish mist appears to block their path. Oracle senses that it’s the “mists of time” and that touching them is fatal. Kratos, however, is too curious and tries to find a clever way of interacting with the mist to use his Matter arcanum on it. As he touches the mist with his left hand, however, it quickly starts to age and then decays in seconds and falls off turning to dust as it hits the ground. Nick manages to pull his arm back before the effect overtakes his entire body but his left hand has been destroyed. Oracle uses the Time arcanum to “push back the mists of time” and clear a path for the cabal to follow. After about 20 yards, the group finds a circular door made of ornately carved bluish glass and a combination lock. Althanus take a few moments to crack the code as Benjamin holds back the mists. After the door is unlocked, the cabal follows some stairs down to another chamber.

This chamber is filled with gold and jewels but no one dares to touch anything. Oracle uses the Fate arcanum to find a hidden door under a pile of valuables. The cabal clears the pile, opens the door, and again descends some stairs, this time lined with ornately beautifully carved statues of elven warriors made of bluish glass. As they make their way, the statues come to life, one of them asks the Pathfinder: “life, soul, mind, or death”. After using the Time arcanum to determine that no answer causes his death, he chooses “soul”. The creatures grab David and hold him while another creature readies it’s glass weapon to strike and goads Benjamin to protect his companion. Oracle uses a powerful Fate spell to make the creature miss it’s target completely after which the statues shatter and the cabal continues down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a great stone hall lit by soothing white light. They see tables and chairs with books and scrolls marked with Atlantean runes, and containing great knowledge. A humanoid figure, wearing a simple gray robe, stands between the tables. He raises a hand and says “Let the scholars of the Alae Draconis come forth”. As the cabal steps forth, the ground splits, and a great chasm yawns into being between them and the tables. As the cabal puzzles out this final test they notice Pride behind them on the stairs. He waves and starts flying away. Miguel acts quickly to draw the disc and “bind” the spirit to this location. Unable to escape, Pride and the cabal enter a discussion where by the cabal tries to puzzle out the spirit’s ban while Pride tries to tempt Oracle to “join” with him and achieve great power. Kratos becomes frustrated, however, and opens fire on Pride who then laughs and dares Kratos to kill him revealing that he’ll just reform later as he’s immortal. When Nick realizes his error and stops his attack, Pride picks up a rock and tries to commit “suicide”. Storm Rider grapples the spirit, thus preventing it’s “death” while the cabal decides what to do and Oracle weights his options.

Experience Rewards. Arthur gets a bonus xp for picking up the game quickly and seamlessly. Oracle gets a bonus by saving Errapel in a spectacular manner. Psynaut gets a bonus xp for his quick thinking, binding Pride. Nick gets bonus XP for a lesson hard-learned. The cabal all get their “teamwork” bonus. Extra 3 XP given to the group for RP bonus which was accidentally omitted from the previous 4 games. Storm Rider missed 2 sessions and thus only gets 1 extra XP for RP. XP is now up to date.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 10xp, 29Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 33xp, 29Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 33xp, 29Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 24xp, 29Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 34xp, 29Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 33xp, 29Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 33xp, 29Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 29Axp

Arcane XP (5)

Found a gateway into another realm
Found a group of mysterious people connected to both the cabal and Adam, but they’re dead
Rules of magic are different in the realm; Fate and Time cause no paradox there
Fought some magical guardians made of glass who can auto-counter magic spells
Encountered a strange mist that greatly accelerates time and can kill with a touch

Gloria Mundi: Interlude
Oracle's got some explaining to do

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 – 4am. Errapel and Pysnaut confront Oracle about his supposed “deal” with Gluttony. After a short argument, the cabal decides it’s unwise to have this discussion in the lair of a cannibal cult lead by a crazed mage.

The cabal ties up the cannibal mage and Errapel prevents him from casting any spells. They take him to Salem after alerting the Consillium of their arrival and leave the dark mage in their custody.

The cabal returns to their sanctum where they argue with Oracle about his “secret plans” and whether or not it puts the rest of the cabal in danger. Benjamin manages to appease Miguel and David and they let the issue go for now, but Oracle knows he needs to be more careful and forward thinking from now on.

The rest of the cabal spends the next few months searching for the last spirit, studying Arcane Lore, and organizing their lives to allow more time for their magely pursuits. Ben and David hire more help to take care of their businesses, Samantha starts up a home business of her own, Miguel gets a new job, and Nick graduates from being an intern.

Experience Rewards.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 24Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 25xp, 24Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 26xp, 24Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 19xp, 24Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 26xp, 24Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 26xp, 24Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 25xp, 24Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 24Axp

Arcane XP (0)

No new insights into the supernatural were gained.

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 6: The Feast
Oracle's plans are revealed

Monday July 22nd, 2013 – 7pm. Zandra is collecting the mail at the sanctum and she notices a postcard addressed to Miguel Rodriguez. The postcard is from a small town about 4 hours away called Waltman’s Neck and on the card are the words “Please help me” in tiny lettering. The cabal notices that there’s a faint trace of spiritual energy on the card as if a spirit touched it. Pysnaut uses the card to scry on the writer. He sees a rock wall and hears rushing water and, strangely, a dog panting. The dog looks like it’s starving and it’s chained to the wall. The Mastigos considered opening a portal but decided that the time investment and risk was too great, seeing as whomever stepped through the portal might become trapped on the other side. Kratos researches the town and finds that the population is just under 2,000 with the main trade being fishing. Not surprisingly, the population has been declining over the last few years as jobs in the industry move overseas. The town attracts students and seasonal workers who are brave enough to risk the dangers of the fishing trade. Death related to the fishing industry is only slightly higher than in neighbouring towns. Even though it’s now 8pm, the cabal decides to head off to Waltman’s Neck.

Tuesday July 23rd, 2013 – 12am. The cabal arrives in town after tracking the Gluttony spirit from fast-food joint to greasy diner along the way. They lose the trail in town as the spirit has obviously been to all the restaurants in town, though not a single franchise can be found in town. Seeing as it’s late, the cabal looks for a place to stay and they arrive at the Waltman Inn – Est 1912. Inside a tired but happy proprietor, Jules Bagron, invites the cabal to stay and offers to prepare a meal. The cabal agrees and is treated to a delicious beef stew and fine red wine. They go up to their rooms to sleep it off and prepare to continue tracking down the gluttony spirit in the morning.

Sometime after that, the cabal wakes up bound and gagged in a cellar under a house. The floor is damp and cold and a single light bulb hangs from the ceiling where they spot Jules, 3 other men, and a 7 foot tall monster of a man, built like a brick with thick brown hair and light brown, almost yellow, eyes. The cabal overhear the group planning to hang them upside down and cut their throats to drain their blood before stripping their carcass for meat. The tall man is delaying the slaughter because he’s hoping to turn one of the mages to become his apprentice. Panicking, the cabal start to struggle and alert their enemies. The tall man picks up Nick who quickly tries to convince the cannibal that he’d make an excellent apprentice with this death and matter magic. The tall man agrees and tells him that he must kill on of his friend to prove his loyalty. He gives Kratos a knife and lets the necromancer go. Nick moves behind Oracle. Suddenly, Zandra tranforms the moss on the ground to a swarm of scorpions who start to climb all over the cannibals. Nick summons a ghost who frightens the sleepers off, Pysnaut commands the scorpions to sting and bite the cannibals, and both Storm Rider and Zandra use the light bulb to direct electricity to incapacitate the large cannibal. Thankfully, Errapel manages to dispell the dark mage’s protective spell which allows Nick to get into a knife fight with the large man. After Storm Rider manages to blind the tall man with a direct electrical pulse to his eyes he falls unconscious.

The cabal free themselves and tie the mag up. Meanwhile, Pysnaut and Oracle discover a passage in the back of the cellar leading through winding tunnels to a deep hallow. There they find the starving dog and the gluttony spirit who pleads with the mages to release the dog and let him go. The spirit promises to banish itself as it’s had enough torment. Oracle tries to bargain with the spirit, saying that he’s already brought the lust spirit into his service and will spare gluttony if he joins him. While Pysnaut thinks about it, Oracle releases the dog who starts wandering away, Miguel, who has formed an emotional attachment to the dog, follows it out of the hallow. Oracle repeats his offer and the spirit vanishes, fading away into nothing.

Experience Rewards.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 5xp, 24Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 23xp, 24Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 24xp, 24Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 19xp, 24Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 24xp, 24Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 24xp, 24Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 23xp, 24Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 24Axp

Arcane XP (1)

The slightly higher mortality rate in Waltman’s Neck was due to a cannibal cult run by a rogue mage.


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