Unhappy Housewife


Name: Samantha Tremaine
Player: Rachel
Concept: Unhappy housewife

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Adamantine Arrows
Cabal: -


Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2
Resolve: 3
Strength: 3
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 2
Presence: 2
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 3


Academics: 0
Computer: 1
Crafts: 1
Investigation: 2
Medicine: 1 – (Specialties) Knowledgable in anatomy
Occult: 1
Politics: 0
Science: 1

Athletics: 2
Brawl: 3 – (Specialties) Mixed Martial Arts
Drive: 1
Firearms: 0
Larceny: 0
Stealth: 1
Survival: 1
Weaponry: 3 – (Specialties) Butterfly Knives

Animal Ken: 2
Empathy: 1
Expression: 0
Intimidation: 0
Persuasion: 1
Socialize: 0
Streetwise: 0
Subterfuge: 0

Other Traits

Ambidextrous: 3
Disarm: 1
Fighting Style – Two Weapons 1 (Whirling Blades)
Righting Style – Boxing 1 (Body Blow)
Resources: 1

Hallow: 3* (Shared)
Sanctum: 3* (Shared)
Security: 3* (Shared)
Enhanced Butterfly Swords: must be used as a pair, share the same scabbard, and beautifully crafted. Size 2, concealable under a shirt. 4L damage and durability of 5 and structure of 7.


Life 3*
Force 2*
prime 1*


A strand of hair, beginning at her right temple glows bright purple, the more intense the magic the brighter the glow.


*Force – Influence electricity
Forces + Dex + Athletic

- Night Sight Forces + Dex + Occult

Samantha Tremaine is an attractive but unhappy house wife, married to John Tremaine a successful investment broker, and mother to Christopher (18) a freshman who recently left home to study political science at MIT with Migal (Scotty’s character), and Michelle (16) a popular high school cheerleader.
They live in a beautiful large home in an affluent part of Boston, with their two German Sheppard’s Shakespeare and Murray. They appear to be the perfect all American family, but looks can be deceiving.

20 years of marriage to a man that neither loved nor appreciated her have left Samantha with fantasies of murder. She had tried everything to please John, she cooked him gourmet meals, kept the house immaculately clean, cared for the children single headedly and gave in to his every request in the bedroom, even having a breast augmentation to get his attention, (Dr Smith performed this surgery) but all her efforts were in vain. Johns numerous indiscrete affairs over the years have both shattered her self-esteem and fuelled a powerful hatred for him. Samantha uses this hatred to drive and motivate herself in martial arts training, a hobby she picked up to fill in time, only to discover she had a natural aptitude for the arts, achieving master levels with ease. She is now Boston’s MMA women’s champion after training in Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu ground fighting, and is an expert in Wing chun.


Samantha enjoys the thrill of fighting but is finding it hard to find opponents. Tyron a training buddy at the gym tells her of an underground (illegal) fight club, where she can fight without constraint as the rules are very simple, bare-knuckle fight till submission or knock out.
Saturday night finally arrives; excited she meets Tyron at the Fat cat restaurant in Quincy where they await a message giving the location of the night’s fight. They then head to an abandon warehouse at the docks, a crowd has gathered, there are cars parked in a circle shining head lights on what appears to be the fighting area. The air is thick with car fumes, excitement and testosterone. Tyron goes to talk to a balding Russian man to arrange a fight for Samantha, she can see the Russian shake his head, but Tyron is insistent and pulls out a large wad of cash. The Russian laughs and nods to summon his fighter, a large red hair boy, who looks like he eats steroids for breakfast, lunch and tea. The Russian whispers in his fighter’s ear, they both glance at Samantha and smile. Her heart sinks for a second, but only a second. The same furry she fights down when she thinks of her husband surfaces and she’s ready to brawl, only this time she doesn’t have to keep the rage in check, she is so looking forward to unleashing the beast with-in.
After some skipping to warm up, Sam and her opponent face off. He is at least a foot taller than her, his bare chest beading with sweat, his face showing yellowing where bruises once were. He was menacing as he spat at her feet as if with distain, but Samantha is undeterred. He takes a swing, throwing a right hay maker with considerable force. She steps neatly but swiftly to his right deflecting the blow with her right hand and countering with a left jab straight to his jaw, followed quickly by a powerful right hook that connects full force with his nose. He is shaken and disorientated, blood pissing from his broken nose and eyes watering. He swings wildly and violently, but Sam dodges and weaves with skill and ease.
The crowd is laughing and cheering which infuriates the boy further. He spin’s a round house kick which just catches her chin, stunning her temporarily; he follows up with a spinning back kick, connecting with Sam’s head knocking her to the ground.
As she opens her eyes, she realizes she is on her back, being punched in the face repeatedly by a large bear, with saliva dripping from his gapping mouth. She feels the impact of each blow but no pain, her face is now numb, she hears nothing but a ringing in her ears. Putting her arms up in front of her face to shield herself, she feels the want to close her eyes and just wait for it to be over; she wants to succumb to the fate the bear has in store for her.
Suddenly Samantha feels a surge, deep within her soul, as if something that was lying dormant is breaking free, power erupts from within her. In an instant she catches and twists the bears paw as it comes down towards her face, feeling tension release as the ligaments and tendons in the bears arm are torn. The bear roars in pain. With her free hand she grabs the bear’s snout, crushing it, she holds tight as she punches the bear in the eyes over and over. The bear try’s to fend her off with his one useful paw, standing to escape her fists. With this she rolls away and climbs to her feet.
Samantha is angry now, not with the bear but with herself. How could she have even considered giving up. She looks now at the Bear, one arm hanging limply at his side, his eyes watering, his mouth open revealing gruesome teeth. She can see the stone tower behind the bear, with the names of the other mages that have come to this tower before her. She knows she needs to get past the bear, so that she can write her name with theirs.
With lightening speed she runs at him and drops with a capoeira style leg sweep taking both legs from under him. She quickly straddles his chest and starts pummelling his face putting her weight behind each blow. The bear is howling now, covering its eyes with one paw. Sam re-adjusts her position, placing a knee on the bear’s throat and leaning into it, crushing its windpipe. The bear struggles for a little bit, its eyes wide with fear, its paw pushing hopelessly at her thigh, then nothing. The once strong paw falls to the ground with a lifeless thud.
Samantha stands up, near exhaustion, stumbles to the tower, picking up an arrow she starts scratching her name into the stone. She feels the power swell within her and everything becomes clear as if a mist has lifted, she now understands everything, who she is and what she must do. She returns to the present, the human world, the fallen world, she hears commotion, the Russian is yelling at Tyron, who is clearly shocked by whatever it was that had just happened. People where running to their cars, as if to leave the scene and the Russians thugs were trying to revive the young fighter.

Soon after, she was approached by a woman who called herself Cathubodva. She initiated Samantha into the Adamantine Order, gifted her with an enhanced pair of Butterfly Swords, and said she was welcome to spar with her any time.


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