Nick Bilisconi


death 3 dots
matter 2 dots
forces 1 dot
fate 1 dot

computer 1 dot
investigation 1 dot
occult 2 dots
athletics 2 dots
drive 2 dots
firearms 1 dot
stealth 2 dots
empathy 2 dots
persuasion 3 dots
socialize 2 dots
streetwise 2 dots
subterfuge 2 dots

Gnosis 2 dots

wisdom 6

intelligence 2 dots
wits 3 dots
resolve 2 dots
strength 2 dots
dexterity 2 dots
stamina 2 dots
presence 2 dots
manipulation 3 dots
composure 3 dots

speed 9
defense 2
initiative mod 5

Current xp=1
current axp=2


I am a male of 21.I lived in Boston with two flatmates (one male one female).my parents were murdered walking home from the movies when I was 13 so I have been living with my grandparents ever since.I discovered my powers quite recently.I am now staying with others like myself in place by the sea.I love gold and i have always been fascinated by dead things, mainly animals.I hate murderers and teenagers who dress up as faeries on Halloween.


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