Miguel Rodriguez


Name: Miguel Rodriguez
Shadow Name: Pysnaut
Player: Scotty
Chronicle: ???

Concept: 18 year old political science major
Vice: Gluttony
Virtue: Faith

Path: MastigosMt a path mastigos symbol
Guild: The Free Council.
Cabal: ???

Nimbus: Demonic over-soul, black streaked with red

Magic Tool
Path: Arakh – Iron Scyth/Sword hybrid w/ leather grip,inlayed with bronze
Space – Measuring Tape (as a bracelet)
Mind – Diary
Life – Blood

=Attributes=Mage free council icon
Intelligence: 2
Wit: 3
Resolve: 2
Strength: 2
Dex: 2
Stamina: 2
Presence: 4
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 3

Academics 2
Computer 1
Crafts 1
Investigation 0
Medicine 2 – Specialization: Drugs (both Legal and Illegal)
Occult: 2
Politics: 3 - Specialization: Social wellfare
Science: 0

Athletics 1
Brawl 0
Drive 1
Firearms 0
Larceny 0
Stealth 2
Survival 0
Weaponry 0

Animal Ken 0
Empathy 1
Expression 2Able to whip up a crowd
Intimidation 0
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Streetwise 0
Subterfuge 0

Language: 2Spanish
Resorces: 1
Direction Sense: 2
Contacts: 2A police dispatch officer and a dude on the radio
Sanctum (size) 3shared
Sanctum (security) 3shared
Hallow: 3shared
Awesome car…..May have stolen this from Kratos.
Imbued Item: 3 – Smart phone that is always connected to a cellular network and internet and never needs recharging.

3 Dot

Mind: 2 (increase to 3dot)
Life: 1

o Spacial Awarenessint+science+space
oo Untouchableresolve+science+space
ooo Portal Space
oo incogneto mindwit+subterfuge+mind
o Cleanse Bodyresolve+med+life


First generation Mexican-American; Currently attending MIT as a political science major. His family are unable to pay for his tuition but thanks to the schools MedLab he has found a way to pay for his education – Medical Experimentation.

Miguel Grew-up in a poor area of Boston – His parents (migrants from Oaxaca) worked two jobs and only just made ends meet;often going without so that their children could benefit – Miguel knows their has to be a better way and has turned to politics to make his mark and change the lives of others who have little – while others have so so much.

Very outgoing, very vocal about his political views, very sociable – Able to turn his enemy around using his wit and disarming charm. Staunch political activist – willing to cause social disruption for the greater good. Casual drug user both legal / illegal – but draws the line at needle drugs as needles are a childhood fear. He lives on Campus with 2 roommates – one of which is Rachels son ( Met each-other 2-3 times; but have talked on the phone )

Awakening: After signing up to the latest clinical trial – a medication believed to enhance mental prowess Profmentem – he was asked to come for a formal interview. Miguel thought nothing of it; standard procedure, really. Walking through the lab doors he realized that something didn’t add up, it was 2pm, yet the lab was empty of its normal hussle, devoid of the mechanical beeps or screech of animals that normally filled the air; or even the sounds of people.

“ must be Miguel” Looking around, he was taken aback by the sudden voice behind him “Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Amentia; head researcher for the Profmentem project. Please follow me so we can get the paper work out of the way.” After an explanation of the what the research hoped to discover – Better memory, neuro-repair " All going according to plan, it will change your life in ways not even we scientists can understand". Miguel was handed the waiver. Reading through it was pretty typical but it felt different – as though it weighed more than 3 pieces of paper should, yet at the same time, not. “Oh its just your typical blahblah, never mind that for the moment, shall we begin?” Dr. Amentia snatched the papers from Miguels hand and handed him a small container containing 3 iridescent blue and green pills. Swallowing them down with a gulp of water, Dr Amentia directed Miguel to the observation room..

Minutes turned into hours and still he felt nothing..Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a flicker of movement and from out of nowhere flames start erupting from the ground around him, the walls start to groan before spinning off into the void. Miguel closed his eyes and focused on his breathing “holy crap this is a bad trip” he says aloud. He noticed that in his hands, he held the waiver, only this time, he could almost see…a tower? He noticed that each word, each letter was made up of other words..Names it looked like…Miguel knew what he had to do. Signing his name to the document he heard laughter echoing through the void…he felt the fires getting hotter..The flesh being torn from his body…his mind expanding, he knew…everything.

Miguel sat bolt upright..“Man, what a crazy dream”. Jumping from the top bunk in his dorm room he started to roll himself a smoke. His head was throbbing and he could swear that he could hear his room-mates..but they had gone home over Thanksgiving. “Dang 2am….” he saw the note on his bedside table and read it. A snort of laughter escaped as he stubbed out his joint and walked out the door..

“Miguel – I knew you were one of us. Come to this this address and I will explain everything. Amentia – TFC

The adress led to small brownstone building just off campus. Here, Miguel met a man who introduced himself as Eleggua. “Well, Im not too sure who this Amentia is, but im sure your paths will cross again. Nothing happens without purpose” He explained after Miguel had told him of what had happened earlyer that day “Come lad, let me show you our world” They spent the better part of the next day learning the basics of Magick and that night, Miguel was introduced to the Special Media Group – a group who spends their time using probablity to make money from casinos – and was inducted into the free council


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