Storm Rider

Well built with dark long hair


Real Name: Jason Miller
Path: Obrimos:
Order: Adamantine Arrow

Merit: Othbound, 3 dots

Oath of Principle, binding strength of 3 – To Protect members of the Cabal from harm: No member of this Cabal shall come to harm while I still draw breath. Every game session the dice pool of 3 is refreshed. Can be spent one, some, or all as a reflexive action. Can be used for the following:

  • Recover a point of Mana spent servicing the oath by casting spells, healing himself, etc.
  • Provide the benefits of Occulation for a single scene
  • Cancel out penalties to Attribute + Skill or Attribute + Attribute rolls for the sake of the oath (can’t provide a bonus, just cancel penalties)

Violating the oath causes the oathbound to suffer 4 points of willpower loss and 4 points of resistant lethal damage over 4 days (1 point each immediately and 1 point per day after that). Violating the oath will also cause a great loss of face to Mage society and the Adamantine Arrows in particular.

Concept: Retired Seal.
Virtue: Justice.
Vice: Warth.
Crafts:1 ()
Medicine:1 X
Brawl:2 (Out numberd)
Fire Arms:2
Animal Ken:1
Intimidation:1 X
Subterfuge:2 (Hide Emotion)
Iron Stam:2
Allie Mila:2
High Speach:1
EXP Total:5 Spent:0 Unspent:5

Born into a military family where all the men had served since the first World War and risen to high ranks within the armed forces of the US, Jason Miller was the second eldest of five sons. He attended military school and cadets until he was of age to join the forces.

Having been trained for action as he went though school, he was fit and ready for everything his drill sergants gave him and was quickly spotted, then pulled to the side, to be trained as a Seal.
Miller rose quickly to the rank of LT and was awarded most of the highest medals the Army could give but he did not know that one of his superior officers was plotting his and his team’s demise. Two days before he could turn over evidence of his superior’s corruption to the Base’s commanding officer, he and his team was sent on a mission to stop and capture a known gun-runner who was shipping weapons to the west coast of the US.
Unbeknownst to the team, the gun-runner had been tipped off by the officer Miller was about to expose and his team found themselves caught in an ambush. Although they fought bravely, they were soon fighting back to back on board the large ship the gun-runner was using.
In the end only Jason was left, alive but badly wounded. The gun-runner decided to try and get as much information out of him as he could and bound him in the lowest part of the hold, there the choked him and beat him, over and over, but all he could get from Miller was his name and rank. Outraged at the defiance of the Seal, the gun-runner poured petrol over his right arm and told him if he did not talk he would light it. Once more Jason only answered with his name and rank. With a cry of rage the gun-runner set the arm on fire and laughed evily as Jason screamed in agony, his arm engulfed in flames.
Jason blacked out from the pain, but when he opened his eyes he was chained down in a pit of burning fire and a set of golden stairs were set before him. Faces twisted in and out of the flames jeering at him, calling him weak and frail, telling him of how he had let his team down and led them into a trap like a fool.
For what felt like four days Jason fought the bonds that held him and for four days he endured the tormenting of the flames around him. On the dawn of the fifth day he felt a primal power building up within him. After shattering the chains which held him with inhuman strength, he walked to the stairs and started to climb. All the way up the flames lashed his right arm trying to pull him from the stairs, but he ignored them no matter how hot or how painful. He kept moving until was out of reach and then he allowed himself to rest a moment and catch his breath.
He thought he heard a soft voice calling him. Standing back to his feet he pushed on up to the top where names in gold letters shifted and danced making it hard to read them. Once more he heard the voice and as if guided, his hand reached for a single golden feather floating in the air. He used it to add his name to the others. Once he had placed the feather back in the air he was sent back to his body. The flames that burned his right arm talked to him and healed his flesh, burning odd symbols into his arm which he could read and knew it was not some kind of dream.
The evil laughter of the gun-runner was quickly cut short as he and his men burned from the inside out, all screaming in agony as the metal they had used to bind Jason turned into slag and dripped from his body causing him no harm. Jason gathered the bodies of his men and set back for the base leaving only s smoking hulk of the ship behind him.
Once back on base he went straight to the commanding officer and handed over all the evidence of the officer’s corruption evry worning sent evry gun sliped to the runner evry slave sliped by the harber master so much that he had aloud to go by and left it in the navys hands to deal with. Arfter he had been cheked out by the medicel personel and given a few weeks to rest he handed in his resignation.
Walking off base he was spoted by a well dressed military man named The Drill Instructor. He took Jason to were they could talk in private and told him that he was one of the Adamantine Arrows, a secret military order of mages. The Instructor taught Jason the basics of magic including how to swear magical oaths and become “Oathbound”. Jason took the name “Storm Rider”.
Now he hires his services out to people who need someone to protect an item of importance or person as they travel or is being shipped.

Storm Rider

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