Greedy Plastic Surgeon


Name: Dr. David Smith
Player: Denni Knight
Concept: Greedy Plastic Surgeon

Virtue: Charity
Vice: Greed

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council
Cabal: -


Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2
Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 2
Presence: 3
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 2


Academics: 2
Computer: 1
Crafts: 0
Investigation: 0
Medicine: 3 – (Specialties) Plastic Surgery
Occult: 0
Politics: 0
Science: 1

Athletics: 1
Brawl: 1
Drive: 0
Firearms: 1
Larceny: 1
Stealth: 0
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 0

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 2 – (Specialties) Able to identify peoples physical insecurities.
Expression: 1
Intimidation: 1
Persuasion: 3 – (Specialties) Up selling addition procedures.
Socialize: 1
Streetwise: 1
Subterfuge: 2

Other Traits

Stricking Looks: 2
Fame: 1
Status: 1
High Speech: 1
Resources: 3
Hallow: 3* (Shared)
Sanctum: 3* (Shared)
Security: 3* (Shared)


Life: 2
Spirit: 3
Prime: 2

Gnosis: 2


David was the only child of a Boston family who came from old money. His parents were married for convenience, with little time or love to give. Davids father was a respected heart surgeon who was consumed by the need to succeed in his career and took no pleasure from domestic daily life. Due to an unhappy married life David’s mother was alcoholic, resentful and negligent towards David. With no real bond or love from his parents David found reward and pleasure in material things. Out of guilt David’s parents gave him anything material he desired, thus sparking his greed at an early age. Money and material objects made him feel loved and important.

After High School, in an attempt to gain his fathers approval, David trained as a Plastic Surgeon. Unfamiliar with having to work to achieve anything in life, David barely managed to gain his qualifications without background strings being pulled.
After graduating, Davids father set him up with a private practice using the family name to gain respect and wealthy local clientele. In his early years of practice it become local knowledge that Dr. Smith was not the skilled surgeon that his father had been. With societal respect fading fast David decided to get recognition through his charity work with victims of crime and accident. To supplement these costs he became very good at ignoring his ethical restrictions and performing procedures for clients that were willing to pay extra.

David met his wife Laurie in High School. She was from an upper middle class family. Laurie stood by David throughout his medical training and they married soon after. Laurie loves David, and deep down he loves her in return, but without learning how to bond and love with people as a child, David is a cold husband and only knows how to show love with material gifts.
Now, after 20 some years of marriage, Laurie is a raging alcoholic who is resentful towards her husband just as his mother was. They never had any children


One afternoon Dr. Smith notices that his P.A has booked an appointment for him in the early evening after his normal working hours. On questioning his P.A she explains that the appointment was made early that morning by a man wanting a private one on one meeting with the doctor after the other staff had left for the day. Dr. Smith asks her why she agreed to this appointment without discussing it with him first. She hands him an envelope with his name on the front “he said this would take care of any inconvenience”. David opens the envelope to find it filled with $100 bills. He is a little shocked but tries not to show this. He asks his P.A for any other information or contact details to which she replies there are none.

David is puzzled and somewhat concerned, but after counting out the $1,000 in the envelope he received he decides to take the appointment.
He lets his staff leave half an hour early and waits nervously for the man to arrive. The man arrives at his practice precisely on time. He is a well dressed, average looking man. He appears pleasant and well spoken, but somewhat reserved. David introduces himself and invites him into his office. The man gives his name as John Brown, the way the information is given leaves David with the feeling the man is not being truthful but his greed keeps his questions quiet. After asking what Dr. Smith can help him with, Mr Brown explains he has a business associate that needs some ‘work’ done. The matter of money is not in anyway an issue for this associate, but privacy and urgency are paramount. There is to be no paperwork, Dr.Smith is to perform the surgery alone, and it is to be done tonight.
David is shaken but comes back to the point of money. “What kind of money are we talking about Mr Brown?”, and the reply “You name your price Dr. Smith.”. David understands clearly what he is being asked to do. Thoughts flash into his head about criminal charges, losing his career, his wife, the shame… then his thoughts are consumed by greed and the potential money. “You have a deal Mr Brown”.

Mr Brown instructs David that he will return at 9pm that evening with his associate and $100,000 in cash. Davids head is swimming at the idea of earning that kind of money for one nights work!
Over the next 3 hours he organises the theatre with all the basic equipment he will need. During this time David finds himself considering all the related consequences he had ignored earlier… and then something he hadn’t even thought about. What if something went wrong?? With none of the legally required paper work or even identifaction details how could he explain this situation? Even worse, the kind of people that are asking for no questions and offering that kind of money are probably not the kind of people that will be understanding about unexpected complications. David realizes its too late now. He’s made the deal. He has never been caught out for his indescretions previously. And most of all, he wants that money.

Mr Brown and 2 other men arrive as expected at 9pm. Firstly Mr Brown introduces a young man who looks very nervous. Mr Brown explains this young man is an associate of theirs who is a medical student. They have bought him along to assist Dr. Smith. The boys knowledge is limited but he does understand basics and the surgical instruments.
Next Mr Brown introduces ‘Mr Black’, this is the man who will be having the surgary. The men all sit down in Dr. Smiths office where he explains that he will need to take breif notes through the meeting to perform the surgary, the men can take them when them when they leave. Mr Black then starts to explain he needs a facial reconstruction, so that he is in no way recognisable as the man that sits before Dr. Smith.
David instantly starts to feel out of his depths. He becomes obviously nervous and shaken. He starts to explain to the men that this would be a very large surgary that would normally need to be split up into 3 seperate procedures. The men both exchange a look and then Mr Brown takes charge. He explains to David that more than one meeting between the men is not an option. They are prepared to pay Dr. Smith another $100,000 on completion of the surgary if he is prepared to do it that night. Davids fears are swallowed by his greed at this point. He will be fine he tells himself. Its worth the risk!

Dr. Smith explains to the men that in the time given they need to work fast. He proceeds to take xrays, measurements, check reference books, and take notes needed to perform the surgary. It is around midnight when the men are dressing and scrubbing for the the procedure.
Dr. Smith gets underway with Mr Black’s anesthetic and drip line. As soon as the patient is unconscience the surgary begins. David uses all his memory and experience to focus on the job at hand. He feels calm and confident in his ability to complete the procedure.

Around 3 hours have passed and the procedure has gone perfectly. Dr. Smith is physically tired and mentally exhausted, but he is feeling proud of what he has achieved and glad things are coming to an end. His mind drifts to the idea of a second $100,000 being his in merely minutes. Suddeningly the quiet in the theatre is flooded with alarms coming from the patients observation machine! David looks at the Mr Black’s stats as they begin to plumit. Then Mr Black begins to flat line. He is dying! As David’s heart begins to race he realizes that he must save this man. Loosing this patient is not an option.

David feels everything around him slow down, all the shouting and alarms fade away. It is as though David is seeing through new eyes now. He feels calm and sure that he can stop this man from dying. As he looks down at Mr Black on the table David sees that the patients skin is made up of millions of tiny words. But as he focuses in he realizes they are not just words. He suddenly understands that they are names. He must join them. With the scalpel in his hand he cuts his name into the mans skin.

Suddenly David finds himself back in the theatre with Mr Black flat lining infront of him. He no longer feels panic or worry. He understands now that he has powers others don’t. He calmly uses this understanding to resusitate the patient and stabelise him. Mr Brown and the other man seem to become calm and relaxed that Dr. Smith is more than capable of finishing things up successfully.
David finishes the surgary and tends to Mr Black through the recovery process. The surgary was over and David has the money he wanted so badly. But things are different now, different inside his being. From this point on, nothing will be the same again.


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