A Corrupt Criminal Lawyer



Benjamin Dole, Male, 31 years old

Virtue: Hope;
Vice: Pride;
Path: Acanthus;
Order: Silver Ladder;
Experience: 63 / 63
Arcane Exp: 38 / 41

Intelligence: 2
Wits: 3
Resolve: 3
Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3
Presence: 3
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 3

Academics 2 [Law]
Computer 2
Investigation 2
Occult 1
Politics 2 [Underworld]
Athletics 1
Brawl 1
Firearms 1
Stealth 1
Empathy 2
Expression 2
Intimidation 2 [Courtroom Bullying]
Persuasion 2
Socialize 2
Subterfuge 2

Retainer 2 [Sophie]
Allies 2 [Sarah O’Farrel]
Contacts 2 [Police, Mafia]
Status 1 [Bar]
Resources 4
High Speech 1
Hallow 3* Shared
Sanctum 3 [Security]* Shared
Sanctum 3 [Size]* Shared
Destiny 3 “Beware that which is lost, least it bring you to the edge of oblivion”

Fate 3
Time 3
Mind 1
Gnosis 3

The Sybel’s Sight: Fate 1: (Mage Sight): Presence + Occult + Fate
Fortune’s Protection: Fate 2: (Mage Armour): Composure + Occult + Fate
The Perfect Moment: Fate 2: Manipulation + Socialize + Fate
One Mind, Two thoughts: Mind 1: Manipulation + Empathy + Mind
Evil Eye: Fate 2: Manipulation + Persuasion + Fate
Glimpsing the Future: Time 2: Wits + Investigation + Time

Arcanthus: An ornate silver ring, worn on the index finger of the right hand.
Mind: A pocket sudoku book.
Fate: A transparent, purple, twenty sided die.
Time: A silver pocket watch, bearing the symbol of a crescent moon eclipsing the sun on the front.

His eyes become a solid gold color, and glow in direct proportion to the complexity, and power of the spells he is performing. As he hangs further spells off himself, (ex. mage sight, mage armour), golden runes can be seen spreading outwards from his eyes, eventually covering his entire body if he has enough spells at the ready.

Important Extras
Oracle currently owes Khumeia a favor, to be named at a future date.
Oracle has garnered a deal with the Spirit of Lust.
– The spirit of Lust has taken over the life of Serena


Gaming History

Session 8

After six weeks of building up assets and stock, Oracle’s quickly disposable assets have risen to a new high. And he starts building up his law firm, to get it working independently of himself, so that he can deal with only the cases that interest him.

More to come

Session 7

Oracle continues with his slow acquisition of shares, preparing for the purchase of several smaller media companies.

The cabal was notified that Errapel was being blackmailed, and after attempting to convince the others that legal action was the better bet in this situation, the cabal chose to trap the blackmailer instead.

During the trapping of the blackmailer, he was shot by a group of russian ‘snipers’. The cabal was forced to flee upon being fired upon by the russians.
Once the cabal got back to the Sanctum, they found that Errapel was missing. A short scry later and the cabal found Errapel trapped in a storage room missing a soul.

Tracking the sympathetic link between the soul and the body, Oracle lead the others to a pub, where Greed and the russians from earlier had been hiding. Oracle sat down for a game of poker, but Kratos attempted to initiate combat, failing and instead being forced into the game.

The game did not last long, as Kratos made another aggressive action stealing Errapel’s soul from Greed without winning it in the game first.
However Kratos made good use of his Death magic, breaking the guns of the russians in a single action.

After the russians fled, Greed was quickly dispatched by removing his possessions.

With the blackmailer dead, and Greed destroyed there are few spirits left to destroy. Oracle hopes he can get the spirit of Pride onto his side before it is destroyed.

Session 6

While upon the cruise Oracle notices what could be either a vampire, or some form of intense bite fetish, he decides that it’s none of his business and keeps walking.

He managed to find the Spirit of Lust, and talk her into a deal where she would help him in his plans, in exchange for her own freedom/life. The entire affair was unexpected, Oracle had expected one of the others in the Cabal to find her first, and had never expected her to be so willing to parley with him.
He currently has only a rough idea of what he can use her for in his plans, but he now sees a potential use for the other spirits. Particularly now that the more “useless” spirits of Wrath, Envy, and Sloth have been dealt to.

Once the cruise ended he left for his apartment in Boston.

Session 5

During the spare time Oracle gets in touch with Khumeia who trained Oracle in the art of the rote Evil Eye, in return for an unnamed favour in the future. Oracle see’s this as a necessary payment for a powerful rote.
He also spends time on a computing course, to start improving his own skills. And starts to buy stocks in some minor companies.
After a chat with Kratos to explain some of his early intentions, he gains an ally within the Cabal who will help him deal with potential issues in his schemes in the near future. While Oracle does not trust Kratos’ judgement, he knows that he is an impressionable young man, who will do what needs to be done when he is told to do it.

After finding out about the ship with the lust aura from Psynaut, Oracle decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to start moving on his own plans, and follows the rest of the cabal along to get information.

When invited to a High Society luncheon that weekend, he manages to procure an invitation to the ship’s next cruise. He also spends some time getting to know some of the major players in Boston.

While the rest of the Cabal is focused on Capturing or Destroying the Lust Spirit, Oracle starts drawing up his own plans for the cruise.

Session 4

Oracle talks his way out of any legal action against himself, and then returns to the Sanctum.
The next week an officer arrives at the sanctum to investigate the gunshots from the day the spirits invaded, and Oracle talks him down.

The cabal arrives at the sanctum, and while Oracle attempts to be shrewd and keep as much information secret as possible, the rest of the cabal spilled their guts easily and quickly.
Althanus gets involved in a duel over the theft of a small wooden statue, and then starts acting shadily.
Oracle notices, and attempts to get Althanus back to a safer location before confronting him, but the rest of the Cabal attacks him early, spoiling any possibility of dealing to the situation discreetly.

While the Envy Spirit that had been possessing Althanus is dispatched at the cost of a few $20 bills, Oracle sees this as a missed opportunity to deal with the situation away from the eyes of the Consilium.

Session 3

The Cabal Rescued Paul Kresham from his burning house. And after a trip to the hospital and a small burst of Fate magic to find information on the Spirit of Wrath, Oracle figures that computer skills could be very important in future investigations after Kratos quickly finds required information on one.

After tracking down the Wrath spirit, the cabal is involved in a shooting on the side of the highway, and Kratos induces a Paradox, causing him to flee in Oracle’s car.
Once the spirit’s host is subdued, the rest of the cabal flees the police, while Oracle stays behind and gets taken into custody.

Session 2

Benjamin lives in his apartment in downtown Boston so as to be close at hand for his court cases. Although he spends his weekends, when he doesn’t have a trial to prepare for, and off days at the Sanctum.
He owns two reasonably expensive sports cars, simply because he enjoys showing off his successes.

After being attacked by a spirit of pride, summoned by the mage Paul Kresham, he and the rest of his cabal found and captured the spirit of sloth. During this misadventure he pranged the front of his favourite sports car, and is a little angry about this event.

He also discovered that the fate’s of others can be cut short, or altered quite dramatically even when magic is not directed at them, or more scarily, by magic cast in an entirely different area that was never intended to go astray.

He is now thinking that he should focus on studying the remote effects of vulgar magic has upon others.


Benjamin was born in Portland, Oregon to his parents Ashlee and Joshua Dole.
He did well in school his fast wits and charismatic nature made him a large number of friends. His pride meant that he often got into trouble after being dared to do something stupid, or when a teacher disagreed with his point, which he would argue over until sent out of the class.

After he finished High School he moved to Boston to study law at the New England School of Law. During his time there he developed a drug habit after being declared a coward for being unwilling to try the cocaine on offer at a party he was attending.
This habit spiraled out of control, and got to the point where he was in significant debt to a minor drug cartel. Though even while drugged he still managed to get good marks in law school, and was offered a deal by a member of a Russian Mob in Boston. He would work for them, and in return they would pay off his debt.
He accepted the deal and started working for the Mob. After his first few cases were highly successful, keeping number of relatively minor mobsters out of jail. He was called on to provide his services for higher ranking members of the Mob.

He gained a powerful ally in Sarah O’Farrell after keeping the ally’s brother out of jail when he was set up.
He has contacts within the local Boston PD, and other Law Enforcement agencies around Boston.

He was called upon to keep a Politician out of Jail, the Politician kept things running smoothly for the Mob, making it harder for police to make a move on them. But he had been, rightfully, accused of the murder of his wife and was facing life imprisonment.
The prosecution had a strong case, and the jury was on their side. Benjamin was afraid that he was going to lose the case, and had no idea what the Mob would do if he did fail. He started attempting to prolong the case, bribing witnesses and trying to get evidence destroyed. But nothing was working.

He then has strange dream one night during the trial, he was walking through a forest when he spied a floating green light. When he chased after it, it would disappear and reappear somewhere else. He kept chasing it until it disappeared altogether. He looked around and saw a large maze of bookshelves full of law books.
He entered the maze avoiding a large number of strange and mysterious creatures, all of which were dressed in judge’s robes and reading various law books.
When he found the center of the maze there was a large stone pedestal atop which lay a large golden gavel, which had names scrawled upon it. Beside the gavel lay a feather and a small ink well.
Benjamin took up the feather, dunked it in the well, then wrote his own name on the gavel.

When he awoke he realized that he could see slightly ahead of his position in time. He could see the outcomes of different actions, coax forth events of his choosing, and feel the emotional state of the witnesses he was cross-examining. Using his newfound powers he turned the tides on the prosecution and had his client declared not guilty.

Eventually a member of the Silver Ladder met with him and told him about the world he inhabited, and how he was now “awakened”.
Benjamin was taught basic magic and then inducted into the Silver Ladder by Khumeia


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