A suave thief, Arthur grew up learning the art of transferring the ownership rights of property.


Name: Arthur Fox
Player: Savagepaw
Concept: Suave Thief
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Envy
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium


Computer – 1
Crafts – 1
Investigation – 2 (Security)

Athletics – 1
Brawl – 2
Larceny – 2
Stealth – 2 (Indoor)

Empathy – 2
Intimidation – 1
Persuasion – 2
Socialize – 1
Streetwise – 3
Subterfuge – 2 (Pretending to be someone I’m not)

Danger Sense – 2
Contacts (Fence) – 1
Resources – 2
Iron Stomach – 2
High Speech – 1
Sanctuary Security – 3 (shared)
Sanctuary Size – 3 (shared)
Hallow – 3
Occulation – 3

Death – 2
Matter – 2
Fate – 2

Dark Matter – Matter 1,(Mage Sight:) Intelligence + Occult or Science + Matter
Unseen Aegis – Matter 2,(Mage Armour): Resolve + Occult or Science + Matter
The Perfect Moment, Fate 2: Wits + Socialize + Fate
Shadow Sculpting, Death 1: Wits + Crafts or Science + Death


Growing up on the streets can be tough, this isn’t the case with Arthur Fox.
Arthur realized early on that he had a knack for transferring the ownership of other peoples property, (thievery).

It wasn’t until he hit adulthood when he realized that he’d never be small enough to get into small spaces like common air vents or windows, and he wasn’t large enough to bulldoze down a door or tank his way through everything that came his way.
Average of build, Arthur decided instead he would focus on sharpening his wits and his intelligence, thus giving him a distinct advantage when keeping a few dozen steps ahead of being caught. Coupled with his uncanny luck, Arthur became legendary within law enforcement agencies.

After a job goes north or south, (which is rare), Arthur likes to enjoy some well deserved relaxation time at a local bar with some good mead, brewed personally by the owner, who also acts as a fence and a pimp should Arthur be in the mood for some company.

Life was good.


Arthur wasn’t a religious man, in fact he found the word itself irritating, let alone the people who followed the myriad of different religions in today’s world. However he often joked that his substantial luck came from he referred to as ‘The Goddess of Luck’, a concept which he found a most appealing concept and despite his outward joking attitude towards it, he inwardly took it pretty seriously.

The last month or so Arthur had a particularly nasty run of bad luck. Almost getting caught a couple of times. Taking a decent amount of time casing a house to find that it had nothing of value despite it’s outward appearance. Arthur felt that he’d somehow managed to get on his deity’s bad side and didn’t know how to fix it.
Down on his luck, low on his money, Arthur was forced to ask his bar owner friend for a favor and stay in one of the rooms above the bar.

Drifting off to sleep slowly, he caught sight out of the corner of his eye what looked like a shiny coin outside the door to his room. Wearily getting up he went towards the coin and picked it up to examine it.
As he turned it over in his hand, the shine seemed to grow dull, the coin started rusting around the edges and it turned to dust in his hand, blowing away with the wind.
Looking up and turning around swiftly, he was surprised to find himself in a forest clearing surrounded by dead trees and piles of ashes on top of dry cracked earth. The clearing gave Arthur the same feeling of when his luck had died, but felt worse.
Closing his eye tight and wishing himself to wake up, a whisper like the slightest breath of wind went through his mind,
“Poor Arthur. Would you like me to give you your luck back?”
Arthur sank to his knees, a tear sliding down his face, “Yes, I’ll do anything!”
The voice coming a lot clearer from in front of him had the sweet sound of silk and honey in summer said “In that case, sign away”.

His head snapping up at the sudden presence of someone in front of him, he took in her beauty. Her flowing red hair streaked with the gold he desired so much. A curvaceous, beautiful body dressed in light white silk. Eyes that sparkled with an alluring green light and full red lips which turned up in a smile. There was no doubt in his mind that this was the Goddess of Luck standing over him with a thick gold ledger, pages trimmed with gold edging so clear and white their contrast was a shock to look upon after seeing the dead land around him.
She presented him with a solid gold pen, the weight of which was surprisingly comforting in his hand, and he signed his name at the bottom.

The ledger and pen vanished along with the beauty that once stood in front of him.
“You’re mine now Arthur, and I’m back to being yours once again my love”. Her voice echoed so lovingly in his mind.
The trees around him burst into bloom, the grass came up under his feet, the piles of ashes faded and in their place were piles of gold.
Arthur smiled as the sunlight hit them.
A blinding gold light from all angles hit him in the face as he woke to the bar owner opening the curtains to his room.
“Took your time sleeping Arthur, it’s midday already.”
Laughing, Arthur took in a deep breath. “I think Lady Luck is back on my side.”
The bar owner rolled his eyes, “About time, I’ll be back in a minute with a bill of how much you owe me and you can get back to work.”

Using his newfound, yet untested abilities, Arthur found it easy to case houses, open locks, find valuables, and leave no trace of his presence through use of the Matter and Death Arcana. His work got noticed by a mage named Agdos. She gave him a stern talking about his ethics but felt it was her duty to teach him the basics of magic. She also initiated him into her order, the Mysterium.


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