Normally a tall, strong, and confident man, Adam is now broken and bent. He is actually in his late 40s, but the spirits’ attack left him looking much older. His hair has changed from dark brown to light gray, he walks with a pronounced limp, and he speaks slowly and indistinctly. He possesses the magical capability to heal some of this damage, but he cannot summon the courage to try.


Real Name: Paul Kresham
Path: unknown
Order: unknown


Paul Kresham he never forgot the maddening images he saw in the Supernal Realm. He lived in fear that the creatures from those realms would find a way to cross the Abyss. As he grew older and more disgusted with the pride and hubris of other mages, he wondered if such demons were already present. Paul vowed to eradicate the influence of the base, selfish desires in his soul, reasoning that if he could conquer inner demons he would be better prepared to conquer those from outside the Fallen World. He turned to a style of magic called goetia, and he eventually summoned and defeated most of his own personal flaws. He took the name “Adam,” imagining himself to be forged from dust and inspired—infused with the breath of life—anew by virtue of his actions.

This process took him many years, but recently, he finally felt ready to summon creatures from outside his own mind and soul and do battle with them. Though, he was woefully unprepared for how insidious the creatures were. He now must rely on others to help him contain the spirits, and he is wracked with guilt over his actions.


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