Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Kocytos, Chapter 4: Revelation

There are worse things out there

Monday February 3rd, 2013 – 6pm. Anacaona de Xargua arrives at the sanctum to announce that the cabal has broken the precept of secrecy (Kratos’ issue) and that they failed to stop Nick when they had the opportunity, instead opting to run away. As such, the White Putnams (Chain Paris’ cabal) have declared war on the Lost Pantheon. The rules are that neither cabal will violate the sacrosanct of the other Cabal’s official Sanctum. The cabal invites the sentinel for some tea and coffee to discuss the situation. Anacaona simply states the facts and leaves the cabal to figure out what to do next.

7pm. Miguel decides that it might be a good idea to find a mediator and calls up Eleggua to ask for some advice. The Libertine suggests that Khumeia may be able to help. Since Ben has met her before, he calls her up and she agrees to come over to discuss.

8pm. Khumeia arrives and the cabal treats her to a late night tea and coffee in the living room. The Vox Draconis suggests that the cabal needs to organize their thoughts and be ready to present exactly why they think Chain Paris is behind the murder of their former members. Meanwhile, she will arrange a meeting between themselves and the White Putnams.

9pm. Miguel decides to warn Zandra and arranges to meet her at a nearby Starbucks. Samantha decides that it’s best if she and her family leave Boston for the time being until this blows over and thanks Miguel for looking out for her. After she leaves, Miguel is approached by a man and a women in business suits. They cryptically ask the mage if they’ve seen their friend who is “causing trouble” in the city. They end up explaining that they work for the “Chooser of Heroes”, the woman is Hope and the man is Poetic Justice. Their friend is named “Metathron” and he specializes in choosing heroes who are able to overcome great tragedy. However, he has rebelled and now chooses people who cannot possibly best the trials put forth to them and end up dying. They also suggest that Metathron has taken an interest in one of the members of the cabal and that they are in great danger. They also reveal that they cannot interfere directly but wanted to let Miguel know what was going on.

Kratos decides to go the sleep early and use his ability to receive prophetic dreams. He sees a spider at the center of a web with flies trapped inside. The spider approaches one of the flies and gives it a lot of money.

Meanwhile, Ben goes to the morgue to find the person who had told him that Chain was the murderer. On his way, he finds out that Steve Ballmer had died earlier in the day (he died when a ladder fell on him) and he made a lot of money with his puts on Microsoft’s stocks. After searching the morgue for a while, he’s unable to find the man and leaves. However, out on the streets, he’s approached by a man who congratulates him on making a lot of money off Steve Ballmer’s unfortunate accident. The man asks for the name of another person. Oracle tries to give him Chain’s name but the man says he needs his real name. So instead, Oracle gives him the name of Barack Obama.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 63xp, 41Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 66xp, 41Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 59xp, 41Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 57xp, 41Axp
Michael – 8xp, 10Axp
Warren – 8xp, 10Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

Strange people suggest that that there is more going on that they know
The person giving advice to Oracle may not be a mage after all


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