Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Kocytos, Chapter 2: Prophecy

The Villain is Revealed

Wednesday January 29th, 2014 – 9pm. Members of the cabal are injured, so they decide to harvest mana from their Hallows. When they get to the Hallow at Faxon Park, they discover that someone has drained it and taken all the Tass in the area. From scrutinizing the magical auras, they determine that it was Chain Paris. Not wanting to draw his ire and feeling like the Hallow, being on public property, is “free to all”, the cabal does nothing. Instead, they retreat to their sanctum to try and find out more about the mysterious killer. Unfortunately, after hours of scrutinizing the hair and nail clippings they found on the ghost hounds, they are no closer to finding his or her identity. The cabal go their own ways for the night.

Friday January 31st, 2014 – 9am. Oracle finds out that Guidwire’s CEO died in an accident while vacationing on his yacht. Guidwire’s stock plummets before recovering later in the day but not before Benjamin makes a lot of money.

11pm - Lust tells Oracle of a new club she’d like to attend and suggests Ben brings some “friends”. The members of the cabal decide to go for some stress relief and end up in the “basement” where the rules are very similar to on the Sir Stephen (the Love Boat). The members have a lot of fun and Errapel notices Serena there in the crowd, doing her dominatrix thing. When asked if he wants to join her, David says he’ll just watch. He later decides that he’d much rather be in control himself than give control to a woman. Suddenly, the police burst in; it’s a raid. The cabal don’t put up a fight and allow themselves to be processed. A woman screams and the cabal finds out that Serena is dead. Down at the station, Pysnaut convinces the police he was innocent of knowing the illegality of the club whereas the other cabal members are caught in their lies and are put in a holding cell to await their due process.

Saturday February 1st, – 8am. After being released, Miguel contacts the cabal members by telepathy and together they devise a legal defense. Miguel offers to owe Eleggua a favour in the future for helping to create some false electronic evidence to corroborate the cabal’s alibis. Lust then shows up, pretending to be Benjamin’s defense lawyer and gets the cabal released. Seeing as Serena’s dead, Lust announces that she’ll take over her life and get more of her independence back.

10am - Benjamin contacts Sarah O’Farrell to get the cabal into the morgue to see Serena’s and Arthur’s bodies. The coroner’s report says that Serena died of an Ecstasy overdose (which is very hard to do) while having sex with 5 men and the mage’s arcanum seem to confirm this. Someone is killing off the cabal one member at a time and is very good at covering their tracks. Just when the cabal is stumped, the coroner walks into the room, tells Oracle that the one responsible is Chain Paris, and walks away.

12pm - Benjamin is having lunch in a restaurant near his work when a man sits beside him. He says how Ben must have made a lot on Guidwire’s tragic loss of their CEO and asks Ben who he would like dead. Ben suggests Steve Ballmer and the man says that the CEO will be dead in a week.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 55xp, 38Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 58xp, 38Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 51xp, 38Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 49xp, 38Axp
Michael – 8xp, 7Axp
Warren – 4xp, 7Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

Mana can be spent to heal oneself.
Chain Paris stole mana from Faxon Park’s Hallow.


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