Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Kocytos, Chapter 1: Omen

An Old Friend is Lost

Wed Jan 29th, 2013 – 5pm. Members of the Cabal are due to meet at Chris Ruth’s Steak House in Boston to celebrate Oracle’s recovery from his head wound and to welcome new members to their group. Benjamin gets there early and goes to have a drink at the bar. A man in his early 30s dressed in an Armani suit goes up to the bar and orders a glass of Johnnie Walker ($50 a glass, scotch). He looks over and sees Oracle. Out loud, the man surmises that Ben is looking for a big break. He tells him that Guidewire, a large software company which delivers core systems that enable companies to deliver insurance, has a CEO named Marcus Ryu age 38. The company has a market capital of $1.13 billion. He’s going to meet with certain disaster soon at which point the company’s stocks will plummet. Shorting the stock would be a good idea. He then leaves without a word. Oracle takes the man’s news at face value and places a large short order on the stock using his brokerage software.

6pm - The rest of the cabal arrives and they all sit down to dinner. They order steaks for the most part and a few order dessert. During the dinner, Kratos uses Forces to prevent the Sleepers from overhearing their conversation. Warren tries to keep up with the Oilers vs Bruins game(they end up losing 1-3). His fan from his days as an Olympian (who is stalking him) sees Warren at the table, comes over, and tries to strike up a conversation. However, Pysnaut uses his new found discipleship of the Mind Arcanum to have the fan leave them in peace, much to Warren’s relief. At the end of the meal, and the hockey game, the cabal hears on the news of a strange death narrated by Fox news anchorman Steve Doocy. “A meteorite flew through the victim’s opening garage door in the middle of the day as he was driving off and struck the vehicle’s gas tank such that it exploded and the driver was killed. Police have not released details but sources say that the victim was pretending to be a house sitter while the owners were on a long holiday.”

7pm - The cabal returns to their Sanctum to investigate and determine that it was indeed Althanus (Arthur Fox) who was killed. They then use their contacts in the Police to find out where the “accident” took place. They head over to Beacon Hill in two separate cars and park a block away from the apartment. Kratos notices security cameras in the area and he opens a portal into twilight which the group steps through so they can investigate the crime scene undetected. Having also bestowed the ability to see back into the mundane world, the cabal investigate the house but find nothing unusual. However, when Oracle gets into the garage, he looks back in time and determines that a subtle Fate effect was used to arrange for a meteorite to kill Althanus in such a coincidental fashion. They decide to go to the morgue to see if they can gather any more clues from the body. However, they don’t have much luck as the morgue is closed for visiting.

8pm - The cabal leave in separate vehicles again, hoping to return in the morning. However, ghost hounds materialize on top of them in the car and a fight ensues. Michael is gravely injured on his forearm defending himself from the ghost. After the ghost hounds are defeated, Miguel notices that some of them leave behind a small piece of hair or fingernail clippings belonging to the mage the ghost had attacked. They get the feeling that someone or something is out to kill them.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 51xp, 36Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 54xp, 36Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 51xp, 36Axp
Michael – 4xp, 5Axp
Warren – 4xp, 5Axp

Arcane XP for all (2)

  • Someone is killing members of the cabal
  • Twilight can have a very different environment than the mundane world would suggest (Beacon Hill under water)

Bonus Arcane XP for new players (3)

  • There exists another realm beyond the mundane (twilight)
  • Some mages can look back in time to see past events as they happen
  • Ghosts can materialize to interact with the living


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