Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 8: Finals Week, pt3

The Seer Escapes

Thurs Dec 12th, 2013 – 8pm. After Pride was destroyed by Adam’s spirit and Dr. Imes fell unconscious, a wrathful Oracle tried to kill off the Imes. He was stopped by Pysnaut who took the gun away from him. The cabal heard the police sirens in the background and Ben decided to stay behind to offer an explanation. Meanwhile, Miguel and Nick escaped into twilight and, after stealing a car, drove back to Faxon Park with the Seer in the trunk. The police arrive at the scene, question Oracle, then have an ambulance take him to the hospital to recover.

9pm. The two mages arrive at Faxon park with the Seer. Miguel ties him up and tries to interrogate him. Unfortunately, Pysnaut’s arguments that “the Seers are Evil” doesn’t sound convincing as he’s unable to explain why the pentacle orders are “good”. Nick convinces Miguel to allow him to interrogate the Seer alone. Kratos makes a portal into twilight and the Seer and himself steps through. Once on the other side, Nick explains that he too serves the Exarchs and wants to bring the mask back to Harvard. Dr. Imes agrees not to rat him out to his cabal if Nick doesn’t tell the Seers about the Dr.s whereabouts and recent involvement with the Mask. The two return to the mundane world and Nick tells Miguel that he didn’t get anything out of the Seer. Miguel calls Chain to tell him that they have the mask, however the Seer somehow manages to break his bonds and escape. Before Miguel can react, Nick takes the mask and puts in on while at the same time creating shadows and pretending to becoming possessed by the mask. This ruse allows Dr. Imes to get a head start. Miguel helps Nick take of the mask, then Kratos runs after Imes into the forest and Pysnaut gets in the car to drive after them. Once in the forest, and hidden from Miguel. Kratos lets Imes go and places the mask in Twilight; when Miguel asks, Nick is successful in making up a lie about the Seer escaping with the mask.

Experience Rewards – Everyone gets the teamwork and role playing award.

Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 47xp, 34Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 45xp, 34Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 28xp, 34Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 50xp, 34Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 47xp, 34Axp

Arcane XP (1)

The cabal meets a Seer of the Throne.


Kuldirongaze Kuldirongaze

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