Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 7: Descent pt2

The Eve of Victory Approaches

Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 – 7pm? Storm Rider has Pride in a hold to prevent it’s “suicide” while Pysnaut concentrates on the disc of binding to prevent it’s escape. The cabal tries to figure out how to defeat Pride and Miguel is struck with an idea. He attempts to communicate to Oracle that he believes Pride’s ban to be Benjamin’s sweat “from hard work”. Unfortunately, Oracle doesn’t get the clues and Pride finally escapes Jason’s hold and knocks the disc out of Pysnaut’s hand which falls towards the chasm. Kratos manipulates the shadows to catch the disc before it falls while the rest of the cabal tries to stop Pride. By the time Pysnaut retrieves the disc, Pride has escaped.

Kratos then uses his power over shadows to create a bridge across the chasm which promptly seals as soon as the Moros reaches the other side. The “Librarian” welcomes them the the Library of the Jade Forest and gives them the “key” (a phrase in high speech). The cabal takes some time to review the lore contained withing the books and scrolls before returning to the mundane world. There, they find the car set on fire and the police on their way. They stay long enough to answer basic questions about the crime and then head back to the sanctum. Unfortunately, they discover the Pride has stolen some notes on Fate magic written by Oracle and also somehow damaged the Hollow, weakening it so that it only produces 2 instead of 3 Talons of Tass per day.

Downtime - Weeks pass as the cabal keep searching for Pride. Errapel decides to purchase Adam’s house since it also contains a Hallow and the cabal spends a lot of time studying the lore in the Jade Forest.

Tues Dec 10th, 2013 – 10am. Errapel is reviewing the news, looking for clues as to Pride’s whereabouts and reads that one of her old Occult professors at Harvard University, Dr. Charles Vasil, had an item of importance stolen from him Monday Evening. Meanwhile, Kratos has a strange dream about a man doing surgery. He removes the “face” of the patient and puts it on, becoming effectively his patient. David gathers the cabal and heads off to campus. There, they meet the professor and start asking questions about the missing item. Miguel gets the Dr’s latest book on the supernatural signed. Kratos senses lingering death magic from where the items was kept on the shelf. The Dr. reveals the item to be a “Mask of Hecate”. He also shows the cabal a piece of paper, a page from a large notebook, that came from Oracle’s notes on Fate magic. Unfortunately, each member of the cabal asks the Dr. too many, and very strange questions which makes the Dr. paranoid. He escorts them out of his office and listens at the door as the cabal talks about the Lex Magica and argue. The professor calls campus security to arrive to escort the cabal off campus.

Experience Rewards - Correction from the game table. XP is only awarded once per session rather than at the end of each chapter. XP adjusted to reflect that. All members got the learning and RP XP, as well as teamwork and some bonuses.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 10xp, 31Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 37xp, 31Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 38xp, 31Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 24xp, 31Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 39xp, 31Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 33xp, 31Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 37xp, 31Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 31Axp

Arcane XP (2)

Discovered a lost “Atlantean” library written in high speech focusing on Fate and Time Aracana
Learned that a sleeper professor has an arcane item of power


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