Chronicles of the Lost Pantheon

Gloria Mundi, Chapter 7: Descent

The Cabal's Fate is in Oracle's Hands

Wed Oct 2nd, 2013 – 7pm. The cabal senses a wave of magic passing through the Sanctum. The mages quickly prepare themselves and track down the wave to it’s source, Faxon Park. The cabal arrives to a clearing in the forest with the ruins of an old, unused fountain and a stone archway covered in foliage. They find the bodies of 4 dead men and woman; Kratos takes their photos in case he needs to identify them later. Errapel tries to determine how they died but is stumped. Nick uses the Death arcanum to determine that they died of a sudden shock to the system while Oracle looks back in time to see what happened. He sees the four people gathering around the archway and one of them says “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. Shortly thereafter, the speaker goes wide-eyed in horror and she collapses, dead, followed seconds later by her fellows. Benjamin relays this information and the cabal backs away from the Archway.

Since the cabal cast nightsight as they didn’t bring flashlights, Nick notices a heat signature nearby. Moving over to it he sees a large sedan, recently parked and still warm. He trips a ward while using magic to corrode the lock on the door and gets electrocuted. After recovering, he searches the car. The vehicle is spotless and has been recently cleaned. He finds two maps in the glove compartment, one of New England and one of the Boston area. Nick unfolds the maps and finds that Faxon Park, the hotel in which Adam was staying, and their sanctum are all circled. He also finds a large plastic tarp, a can of gasoline, and a long coil of rope in the trunk. Oracle looks back in time and sees 5 people getting out of the car, one of them looks like him. He then calls the police to report the dead bodies and the vehicle. Nick decides to use the Death arcanum to make it look like the people were killed by wild animals.

With the police about 30 min away, the cabal decides the they should investigate the archway. As they approach it, they hear a voice saying “Are you hear to claim your due enchanter?” Errapel, who is in the process of looking into Twilight for spirits, turns towards the source of the voice which causes the figure to disappear. The cabal then gathers around the archway and Oracle speaks the words “In the name of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn”. The world around them quickly changes as they are surrounded by a vibrant forest with no animals and no spirits. A large staircase made of thorns grows up from the ground and a Bluish mist surrounds them making it difficult to see more than a few feet in any direction.

The cabal climbs the stairs and a featureless but humanoid creature about 10 feet tall and made of foliage and bluish glass forms in front of them. The guardian asks them for a “key”, but as none of them have a key, the guardian declares that they must pass a series of tests to receive a key and earn the right to enter the Alae Draconis’ Jade Forest. The guardian answers the cabal’s questions and reveals that Oracle is “the pathfinder” and that if he dies, the whole cabal dies. The guardian also reveals that they can quite anytime and that once they have a key, they no longer have to face the trials and can re-enter as many times as they like after that.

Once the cabal have asked their questions, the guardian grows 20 feet tall, takes out a huge two-handed sword with a glass blade and attacks Oracle. The cabal use every weapon at their disposal from shotguns to swords to wear down the guardian and protect their pathfinder. In the end, Errapel is able to dispel the guardian, using the Prime arcanum, which promptly shatters into pieces of glass and foliage. Pysnaut takes a shard of glass for a keepsake.

After the battle, a path lights up for the group to follow but also a glowing, bluish mist appears to block their path. Oracle senses that it’s the “mists of time” and that touching them is fatal. Kratos, however, is too curious and tries to find a clever way of interacting with the mist to use his Matter arcanum on it. As he touches the mist with his left hand, however, it quickly starts to age and then decays in seconds and falls off turning to dust as it hits the ground. Nick manages to pull his arm back before the effect overtakes his entire body but his left hand has been destroyed. Oracle uses the Time arcanum to “push back the mists of time” and clear a path for the cabal to follow. After about 20 yards, the group finds a circular door made of ornately carved bluish glass and a combination lock. Althanus take a few moments to crack the code as Benjamin holds back the mists. After the door is unlocked, the cabal follows some stairs down to another chamber.

This chamber is filled with gold and jewels but no one dares to touch anything. Oracle uses the Fate arcanum to find a hidden door under a pile of valuables. The cabal clears the pile, opens the door, and again descends some stairs, this time lined with ornately beautifully carved statues of elven warriors made of bluish glass. As they make their way, the statues come to life, one of them asks the Pathfinder: “life, soul, mind, or death”. After using the Time arcanum to determine that no answer causes his death, he chooses “soul”. The creatures grab David and hold him while another creature readies it’s glass weapon to strike and goads Benjamin to protect his companion. Oracle uses a powerful Fate spell to make the creature miss it’s target completely after which the statues shatter and the cabal continues down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs is a great stone hall lit by soothing white light. They see tables and chairs with books and scrolls marked with Atlantean runes, and containing great knowledge. A humanoid figure, wearing a simple gray robe, stands between the tables. He raises a hand and says “Let the scholars of the Alae Draconis come forth”. As the cabal steps forth, the ground splits, and a great chasm yawns into being between them and the tables. As the cabal puzzles out this final test they notice Pride behind them on the stairs. He waves and starts flying away. Miguel acts quickly to draw the disc and “bind” the spirit to this location. Unable to escape, Pride and the cabal enter a discussion where by the cabal tries to puzzle out the spirit’s ban while Pride tries to tempt Oracle to “join” with him and achieve great power. Kratos becomes frustrated, however, and opens fire on Pride who then laughs and dares Kratos to kill him revealing that he’ll just reform later as he’s immortal. When Nick realizes his error and stops his attack, Pride picks up a rock and tries to commit “suicide”. Storm Rider grapples the spirit, thus preventing it’s “death” while the cabal decides what to do and Oracle weights his options.

Experience Rewards. Arthur gets a bonus xp for picking up the game quickly and seamlessly. Oracle gets a bonus by saving Errapel in a spectacular manner. Psynaut gets a bonus xp for his quick thinking, binding Pride. Nick gets bonus XP for a lesson hard-learned. The cabal all get their “teamwork” bonus. Extra 3 XP given to the group for RP bonus which was accidentally omitted from the previous 4 games. Storm Rider missed 2 sessions and thus only gets 1 extra XP for RP. XP is now up to date.

Althanus (Arthur Fox) – 10xp, 29Axp
Oracle (Benjamin Dole) – 33xp, 29Axp
Errapel (Dr David Smith) – 33xp, 29Axp
Storm Rider (Jason Miller) – 24xp, 29Axp
Psynaut (Miguel Rodriguez) – 34xp, 29Axp
Zandra (Samantha Tremaine) – 33xp, 29Axp
Kratos (Nick Bilisconi) – 33xp, 29Axp
Claire’s character (no wiki yet) – 0xp, 29Axp

Arcane XP (5)

Found a gateway into another realm
Found a group of mysterious people connected to both the cabal and Adam, but they’re dead
Rules of magic are different in the realm; Fate and Time cause no paradox there
Fought some magical guardians made of glass who can auto-counter magic spells
Encountered a strange mist that greatly accelerates time and can kill with a touch


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